points arent opening...

i was down trying to work on the motobecane 50L (finally had time)... it doesnt spark. so i took the flywheel cover off so i could see the points as i was cranking (and was going to clean and set them).. then i noticed that they arent opening and closing as they should... when i pedal, the enging will chug intermittenly, but only seems to "catch" sometimes.. when it does, the points will jerk closed or open, but they dont move smoothly or with any sort of fluidity (or pattern)..

...could this be a clutch issue?



sounds like a loose flywheel nut....

Garret Rassulo /

motobecane flywheels arent "keyed" meaning they dont have a lil bump or pin that a groove in the magneto itself slips onto. the bolt that holds it to the crankshaft may be loose or stripped, allowing the crankshaft to spin freely and then catch when it spins fast enough (kinda like your bikes clutch) tighten the bolt and also make sure u've got your timing correct (take off the cylinder head and move the piston to TDC, then set the points to their gap and tighten the flywheel) while u have the head off, you might wanna scrape the carbon outta the combustion chamber as well, 2strokes need this done a lot. the most common motobecane "it wont run" problem ive seen is off ignition timing.

p.s. i hope im thinking of motobecane and not peugeot or velosolex, i get my french brands mixed up.

point gap .35-.40mm (.014-.018in)

hope it helps


Re: sounds like a loose flywheel nut....

hey, thanks man! ill go give that a shot...

the weird thing is it was working fine (well, no aprk.. but the points were opening and closing correctly) before... and since there hasnt been any spark, i havent been riding it... its just been sitting... weird.


Re: sounds like a loose flywheel nut....

also.. is there any easy way to get the cylinder head off a motobecane? like, without removing the whole engine from the frame? i hate doing that...


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