16mm carb manifold

when the Amal carb is mounted to the stock cylinder, does it use the same manifold as the original (i think its a 12mm) or does it pop out the side like ive seen it mounted on big bore kits? do they even make a manifold that fits the A3 (non reed valve) cylinder?

i was talking 2 my wood shop teacher, and he said, back in the day (late 70s) he bought his son a Motobecane Mobylette and mounted a larger front sprocket on it. a cop friend called a few days later saying he had clocked the mans son doing 65mph on that bike!

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Re: 16mm carb manifold

That was probably the same cop that clocked that tree at 50mph,wasn't it Garret?Some wood's faster than others you know!By the way,I've always been able to tell a dogwood tree by it's BARK!And you can tell a locust tree by its chirp.(:^)

Re: 16mm carb manifold

john ponte custodio /

Yes, a Moby can do 60+ mph. I lived in Bermuda back in the '70s. With a 13 sprocket in front, 36 in the back, shaved head, bored intake and outtake, bigger manifold and carburetor, it is possible - but no power.

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