I have an 86 Honda Spree. the only way I can get it started is with starting fluid in the carb.

When it runs, it runs fine. When it is warm it will start right up. I tested the choke, by choking it manually with my hand, and that did not help.

When I pull the plug out of the hole, the plug is always wet and looks like it is covered in oil.

I have flipped the bike over and cranked it without the plug in to remove the excess oil, and this worked, but after riding it around and attempting to start it later, same thing: wont start - plug wet, oily

If anybody has any suggestions i would really appreciate it.


InfectedBootSector /

Are you using the plugs that the man. calls for? Is it the right "temperature" of plug, too hot, too cold?

Make sure your gap is right to and that your ignition wire is in good shape. These break down after a while due to the extreme voltages running through them.

Works fine on warm days?


Thanks for the reply.

Not sure if the plug is from the manual specs, or gapped right

It doesn't matter if it warm or cold. It will start right up after it runs, but if I wait more than even 10 or fifteen minutes, same problem.

Is there an adjustment on the carb for gas/air or only the idle screw and the bowl drain.

Thanks again for your help.


if your bike is a four stroke it might be that you have bad rings and if it is a two stroke with oil injection the injector is puping wayy too much oil.

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