Okay,I'll be Nice!................

........No I won't!I get 7 days off work starting tonight!YEEIIPPEEE!!!(Hope they don't ask me to work overtime) Gonna `ped even if it's cold!Sorry,fellas!It's a weakness,I guess.Couldn't resist lettin' off a little steam.`Mopedin'.....Mopedin'...(sung to the tune of `Barefootin'....Ha! (:^)

Re: Okay,I'll be Nice!................

you bad don!!!!!!!! enjoy, and be safe............

Re: Okay,I'll be Nice!................

Thanks,Paul!I'll be good now.Whoooppeeeee!!Only 2 hrs.i5 min.left!

Re: Okay,I'll be Nice!................

MAN.. I need to get into the nuclear buisness.. you get more vacations than the dang travel channel.


Re: Okay,I'll be Nice!................

But,Duck,remember me cryin' about the nice weather and I couldn't ride?That was what I call Hades week:6-12hr.shifts in 6 days,AND rotating at the middle from days 12hrs. to nights 12hrs..That's how I PAY for this great week!But I just today re-aligned to the same shift and job for another year to come.Union benefit #1:If you can't stand your boss,you only have to put up with him for one-year max!HaHaHaHaa!!! I just hope I have a job in a year! Let's Go `Peddin' Duck!

chips theme song

Dave Gregory /

when ever i go ridin with some ppl i think of the chips theme song!!!!!

Re: Okay,I'll be Nice!................

Hey,that's a good tune,Dave!Definitely HIGHWAY MUSIC! Then there's `WIPE OUT' by the Ventures.Ever hear that?It's real `rambling music' for sure. I'm only back on computer because they DID offer overtime and it was such an easy job for only 8 hrs. that I took it.I'll STILL have 6 days off left.Gotta pay for those mods on my `peds somehow.Besides,it's a little too cold today for me to bustle out and take a long ride.It'll be 10 degrees warmer tomorrow,and a high of 10 more degrees Sunday(60 degrees). (:^)

Re: It's cold?


Near 90 here today, but the bad news is it's going down to the mid 70's Sat and Sun.

Then back up to near 80 Monday, in time for work.


Re: It's cold?

Jim C.! A blight on your thermometer!DOWN to the 70s!Boy!It's about 30 and dropping like a plumbbob here now!Well,enjoy it! Took Westy(11 yrs.old) on a big ride (40 mi.+)a few days ago and he loved it.Had a picnic lunch at the Lake(Alma)and rode more countryside.This spring I hope to get him onto his Kawasaki (tire scrubber) 20" rad bike so he can kinda' keep up with me.Got him a small windshield for it the other day called a `Lil' Bugger'! Ain't that cute?Well,you Rat,I hope you're satisfied.You got a lot of us visualizing 70 degrees now!Keep `peddin' ,Jim C.! (:^)

Re: It's cold?

JimC. iwished i lived in Southern cal, it only got up to 76 here today. :)

Re: It's cold?

Doggone you,Zippy!

Re: It's cold?

Well hop on that ole moped and keep heading west until you don't see frost or youe see the Pacicfic ocean, whichever comes first.

Wish I could,Zipster,.............

..........but my moped's tied down with the `Golden Chains of Matrimony'.I looked at our long range forecast and it's gonna be kinda' cold for the next week.May get into the 50s in a few days though.Enjoy your weather you spoiled brats!Aarrrrrghh!

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