78 Puch Maxi Carb Problems

Shane J. Wolfe /

Hello All. I was enjoying my moped until now. Since I have had the bike, it has dripped a little from the float bowl on the carb. I tore the floate bowl off the other day to clean out the jet. The float bowl gasket was the original and was hard and dried, almost like damp cardboard. I am surprised it held up this long. Anyway, after cleaning the jet, checking the float needle and all that crap, I put everything back together. The carb now leaks badly where the float bowl gasket is located. I went to Hagerstown Moped, about 1.5 hours from my house in Western Maryland. I bought a new gasket there, for $3.00, that looks more like a small rubber band than the original gasket. It is rounded instead of flat and doesn't seem to seal the float bowl.


Side Views- (____________) instead of ================

New Original

My guess is that I need a flat one, like the original, to get a proper seal. Anyone here have one that I can buy or can tell me for sure that it will be an original part if I get it from the net at www.puch.net or mopedjunkyard.com? Who knew a 3 dollar scrap of rubber could be so menacing! By the way, the carb is a 12 millimeter Bing.

RE: 78 Puch Maxi Carb Problems

Shane J. Wolfe /

My ascii drawings didn't turn out real well.... *l

RE: 78 Puch Maxi Carb Problems

You could try going to your local auto store and getting some of that gasket maker stuff. or you could get some gasket sealer from the same place and try and work it out with the gasket you bought..

RE: 78 Puch Maxi Carb Problems

Reeperette /

Could also try getting material to make one, from one of the local hobby stores up there, as well.


RE: 78 Puch Maxi Carb Problems

I have the same Moped and the same problem. Let me know what you do to fix it.

Right now I park the moped over newspaper, and turn off gas. Other than that it runs great. Try Steve's Moped in NJ, for the new gasket

RE: 78 Puch Maxi Carb Problems

Bob / MopedsOnline.Com /

Hello all,

You problem may be due to a couple of problems. You are correct when Shane mentioned that he feels the rubber gasket is incorrect. It is definately the wrong gasket. We have all parts for the bing carbs if needed, at www.puch.net . (not pitching sales!) BUT! You may have additional problems as I was starting to say. If your carb is leaking continously while the moped is sitting on the kick stand, then the gasket is not going to be your only problem. Another reason that it is leaking, (if sitting still) is due to either a bad float needle valve (the small needle that is slid into the float with a rubber tip). The rubber sometimes gets wore out, or dry rotted, and will cause the fuel to continously run into the bowl, therefore running out all over the garage floor. Also, the float itself may be a bit out of alignment. The brass fitting where the needle valve slides into may be bent a little. Trying to get the brass portion bent into the correct position can get nerve racking, but can be done with a little patients. Drop by my site at www.puch.net and check out the troubleshooting tips. I have put up all kinds of info, mostly based on Puch adjustments, but can be used for other makes as well, just the details may differ slightly. If you find that you need a part or two, check out the Parts Shoppe, and click on Bing. We have it all, other than the ever elusive small brass filter that goes into the fuel banjo bolt, but the petcock (fuel valve) and if needed, an inline fitler, replacess that brass filter. Hope this helps! Happy pedding!


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