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i recently got a 1990 tomos targa for free. i restored it and it works fine exept for i removed the airbox and it does have a little more top end. the reason i removed it was because i felt like ever sice i put it back together the power seems to decreses i took it out adn now when i hit the throttle from a stop sighn it has barely adn REAL power until i hit full throttle. But after i get going it perfectly alright though a little louder.adn sometimes just before i hit full throttle it stalls. sometimes but not all the time. but all the time when i put the throttle there it dies down then speeds up. all this happens when the engine is cold and also when its hot. im gonna put the air box back on adn put in a slightly bigger jet. like the next up from a stock on a delorto. any recomendations or warnings or sugestions will be apreciated. thanks

RE: tomos targa questions

and by the way i cleaned the carb very very well with carb cleaner. so the carb isnt the problem

RE: tomos targa questions

Reeperette /

clogged exhaust, perhaps ? but i doubt it.


RE: tomos targa questions

your sucking too much air into the carb when the filter isn't on..u need the filter on it or ur dickin urself over...the mix is too lean without the filter.get a bigger carb jet and see what that does for ya..there's only so much u can get outta a 50 CC engine though

RE: tomos targa questions

thanks for the help. i cleaned the carb and the metal filter is still on the carb. so i guess i get a bigger carb jet. how do u destinguish between the jets are there numbers or something. two other probs i have are only sometimes the light in the back that tells if the lights are on works. adn my transmission is sorta changing slopily. i just changed the transmission fluid. any more help. thanks

RE: tomos targa questions

if its changing sloppy chances are u need a new clutch...look at the entry i put for masteeug..or whatever..he's having the same trany problem.. and about the light..check the wiring. if its intermitant it hasta b wiring. and yes the jets are distinguished by numbers ...check out

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