Im scared!

I finished rebuilding my FS1 engine about 2 monts ago. Ive done about 50 miles on it and last time i went out on it, the engine started to knock at low revs and when pulling away. I've got a feeling that the bearings in the crank may be damaged. Is there any way to find out without having to dismantle the engine? I dont want to restart it incase it causes more damage to the engine. Could a loud knock from the engine be something else? I aint too good with mechanics and i dont really want to pull the engine apart unless i have to.

Any ideas/tips/advice would be great,



Re: Im scared!

You really should take the jug off and have a look and do a little tugging and checking on the bearings.You say you rebuilt it so I assume you put new crank bearings and rod bearings in?Before you tear it down you can check the crank for end-play and try to see if it has any up-down play as well.There's supposed to be very little of either.Especially up-down.You don't run it at all `til you fix the problem,`cause those are great bikes!Pretty too!

Re: Im scared!

Steve Fulcher /

Dont worry yourself anymore, i've sorted it. I removed the RH cover and discovered that the crankshaft retaining nut had come off and was rattling around my clutch. Its also smashed part of my oil injection system so i am now premixing. Oh joy!

Im getting a digital camera so a picture will be coming your say pretty soon!


Re: Im scared!

Hey,Steve.It's better to pre-mix,anyway!Glad you found the trouble before it ruined your nice rebuild!Keep bikin' Man!Yeah,I love those FS-1 s!

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