moped for two...

I am hopefully going to be getting my first moped in a few weeks, and I would like to get one that could handle a skinny friend on the back, in case i ever need to cart someone around. How rough is it on the moped if it is carrying say 300 lbs of passenger? Are there some peds that are better at handling 2 riders? Can I put different shocks on it or something like that to icompensate for the extra weight? Thanks for the help.


RE: moped for two...

on about every moped i've ever been on:

1978 puch maxi (single rider seat/luggage rack)

197? motoguzzi robin (single rider seat {i sat on the luggage rack})

1980 garelli super sport (long seat)

1989 derbi variant sport (long seat)

1992 tomos golden bullet ttlx (long seat)

2000 tomos targa lx (long seat)

i've ridden a passenger or as a passenger and i'm 6'3 180 lbs myself and the other person was either about the same or a girl of varying weight of what 110-130 lbs? so from my experience they can handle it. granted they run best without them and that's normally how we ride. but if you have to do it sometimes i don't think it'll hurt.


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RE: moped for two...

the problem i've had with two people on my moped (peugeot 103sp with long seat) is stability. two people makes it harder to stay going straight at slower speeds and harder to turn (make sure the other person knows to lean into the turns a bit). I suppose if you were a more experienced rider than me itd be no trouble..on my moped it doesnt seem to be too stressful. just a bit slower accelleration and slower top speed.

RE: moped for two...

You know, the Vespa Grande(s) was made for two people. It has a very long seat and even footrests for the rear passenger!


Best 2 person moped

If you want a good 50cc. 2 person moped. KYMCO COBRA 50. I have one i love it. i ride me and 2 other freinds around campus. If i can hold 3 people on it its totaly simple to hold to. no need for better shocks. And passenger foot pegs. with second person rider handes

I love this moped

Re: Best 2 person moped

if you're looking for a two-person moped (not scooter) ... the grande is probably the best. also check out the vespa si. some puchs also had long seats, like the mkII. also garelli had some two-seater models. some sachs also (e.g. seville).

most mopeds w/ long seats aren't really designed for two people, so it's still rather snug.

Re: moped for two...

Well,Rodney,if you're buying a new `ped,get an Avanti Autopower or Supersport.They are heavily built and have nice big seats.Easily modified too for more power.They have motorcycle-grade tires and are bigger than most mopeds.If you're getting a used `ped,I'd recommend the tough `ol Motobecane Moby or equivalent.I love my Motomarinas,but only one with a 2-speed Franco-morini would have enough power.They'll haul the weight though and they have a bigger seat than most `peds that's very comfortable.If you get a Motobecane be sure it's a variable drive or a 2-speed.But I'll tell you,when I get the money extra,I'm buying the Avanti Supersport.

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