Damn man.. you post on every dang site I have found for mopeds.. I mean I found some from searches or non Moped army links and damn if your not posting away there... lol

you have the most post ont he Army page according to statistics... I was hopeing my name would be on the list.. looks like I got a few hundred more first :0)

Maybe I can just nuke the server with a huge post bomb.. nah...

bows to the great don-ohio whom is famous all over the net.

Thanks Duck,but.........

................I really wish I could be more of a rounded out moped mechanic,like Ron,Fred,Ree,Doug,Chris S.,Jim C.,and Zippy the infamous lottery gambler!(and plenty of others)That's why I spend a lot of time on forums.To learn a lot! What I do at work here allows me access to a computer while all the automatic systems I'm monitoring are working as designed.If mopeds worked a tenth as well as these nuclear plant systems,we wouldn't have to post hardly at all except to brag on our `peds.So don't give me much credit Duck,`cause it's kinda selfish of me in a way.Ha! (:^)

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