Honda mb5 problem

i know the mb5 is not a moped, but i have a problem. my mb5 keeps on blowing up all of the lights. even with a battery. i tryed replacing the rectifyer but no success. any suggestions?

Re: Honda mb5 problem

just a guess here, but are you definitely using the proper voltage bulbs???


Re: Honda mb5 problem

yes, i am, hehe

Re: Honda mb5 problem

cool, just making sure.. =] thats my best guess... haha.

Are they series-linked ?

Reeperette /

If the bulbs are run in series...and there's a short of any kind, even an intermittent one, as soon as any bulb of the circuit is cut out by the short, you have too much overall juice for the existing and "present" light rig...then boom, the first one goes, and after that it's popcorn time, tho not at that speed.

Are they blowing in the exact some order, every time ?

If so, your lights are more than likely rigged in series, and the problem will be with the SECOND one to blow, if it's an intermittent short (cause it'll blow when it comes back into the circuit, but not first, see?) or the FIRST one if no short of any kind is present.

A good idea would be continuity-checking your leads to those lights.

Just a thought, and don't take alla that as gospel, I've never worked on an MB5 before....but have seen similar issues on other bikes.


Re: Are they series-linked ?

ok my lights glow ang get brighter with the rpms, so when the rpms are really high it blows the bulbs

try using higher wattage bulbs...

try installing bulbs with higher wattages, like if the bulb is 20 watts replace it with a 25 or 30 watt bulb, if its a 10 replace it with a 15 or 20. sounds like your using bulbs with too low a wattage, so when the magneto puts out a lotta juice at high revs they cant take all that juice & pop.

just a suggestion, might work


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