77 nc50express burning out bulbs

1977 express nc50 the trouble I am having is it is wasting bulbs as soon as i throttle up to speed 6v's, go superfast as do 12v's this is ocurring in the headlight connection. I have a new headlight,highbeam indicator,and tailightbulbs all 6v so if I can figure why this is happening I can the new6v bulbs in.

This moped is like brand new it only has 300 miles on it as of today. I bought it from an older gentleman who bought and kept

it indoors there,It's never even been in the rain.No grease no dirt anywhere .And this is my problem it's in such good shape that I cannot find anything wrong and since I had one just like it when I was younger I not totally inept at maintance.I have looked around for a lose ground (no luck) a bad ground wire with a continuity tester(no luck)and I checked battery and fuse.Also rectifier diode(all appear to be good) checked all the connections for corrosion or lose fit that i could find .local mech said to look for a loose ground in the battery circuit but they look good like new.

this machine has no voltage regulator didnt come with one.If you don'tbelieve me i'll email you electical diagram i even had the honda dealer check and it does'nt so please help me I want to ride at night it's my favorite time to cruise.

RE: 77 nc50express burning out bulbs

Reeperette /

You could try getting a 12V Dual filament tail light bulb, and filing off one of the side posts so it'll fit - that's been done in situations like this, when a headlamp is getting too much juice.

The dual filaments soak it up better than a single, and as an added bonus, provide more illumination.


RE: 77 nc50express burning out bulbs

i would like to keep the original configuration the bikes to clean to rig

RE: 77 nc50express burning out bulbs

From what you have described and done I would be stumped at this point. If I were in your position I would ask this question at

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