sprocket change?

i have a 78' puch maxi 2hp with biturbo exhaust. changed the front sprocket from 16 tooth to 18 tooth. a liitle better top end speed. (pretty happy). now i was wondering if i should change the rear to 40 tooth? i have a stock 45 tooth right now. any suggestions??????? thanks

Re: sprocket change?

That would probably jack your bottom end horribly, but could certainly increase top end. How fast does it go now?

Re: sprocket change?

hey crisis, it toping out at 35-36mph. but it seems to be real slow from 0-15mph then it hauls from 15-35or36mph. thats probably from the front sprocket change. thats why i was figuring i go to the 40tooth in the back to compensate a little. what do you think?

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