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My moped has a problem since last fall, when I fell (LOL).

Well, anyways, I was driving home and hit a pothole. I would have been OK, but I came out of that hole while turning(the asphalt was wet), and the moped started sliding (one way and another). Until I fell. Well, I was OK(even my clothes were OK). But the front light was busted and the moped turned one way, when I was steering straight.

So the fork was bent. The question is that how can I bend it back to its original position?



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I have never had much luck bending forks. Even if you do bend it back, there is going to be a week point then in the metal. If you can at all afford it it would get a new or used set. But... if you really want to try you could take the fron wheel and fender off, and try doing it using a pipe bender. good luck.


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Re: Moped leaning one way

Try using the search feature here and type in "forks" and/or "bending" or something like that. I seem to remember this being discussed in detail about a month ago.

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Re: Moped leaning one way

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if your front forks are out of alignment (not accually bent), you can try loosening the triple trees (where the front end tubes meet the frame and handlebars) and put the front wheel against a solid object, then turn the handlebars the opposite direction of the bend,leaning,out-of-alignment,whatever ya call it,

untill it looks straight,

then re-tighten all the nuts&bolts on the tripletree. that may do it.

It takes alot of force to bend a fork tube, hopefully , that didn't happen, that can be checked with a straight edge.

gooden lucken<img src="">;

get out the ol' sledge hammer :)

if its bent i say you get out a sledge jk

theres a place near me that would be able to align it easily....called cycle design....just take it 2 a motorcycle or moped shop....they'll fix could even just go 2 an auto body shop and they might fix it....(advice) dont use the hammer....unless you want a big dent...

Re: Moped leaning one way

i had a similar problem with my Tomos.......

your forks may not be bent at all, it might be your handlebars.

check to see if the 2 handlebar clamps got whacked one way, like 1 being pushed back, this is what happened to my tomos when i skidded out on ice.

if they are, then get a friend 2 hold the front wheel straight and loosen the bolts at the bottom of the clamps, then move the handlebars so they're in alignment with the forks (or the "triple tree" as motorcycle mechs. call it). you might also want to take that time to adjust the angle of your handlebars so it feels comfortable, you'd be surprised how much better it will make the ride feel when their properly adjusted.

hope this helps

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