Gloria Intramotor Scout

Hello all,

Does anyone know if Intramotor scout mopeds are two-strokes or four-strokes??

Please help me!!!

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2 stroke...

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Do you have to mix the gas then? Do you know the mixture proportion?

Two Strokes from me

Oh no!

I went and peeked at your profile.

A girl after my own heart. Yep, it's two-stroke, but

You play bass!

Watch out honey bunny, I'm gonna be here keeping tabs on ya! Wish I could throw ya in the mix, here!! We don't have a decent bass player anymore. I saw your picture, so I thought I'd leave ya an attachment. Wish ya could hear me. Wish I could hear you.



Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout

Use Amsoil syntetic at 50 to 1.

Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout

Woops, "synthetic".

Or just use the regular mix, and go with what they say. Synthetic Amsoil has been awesome for me, and in the long run, has been cheaper.


Re: Two Strokes from me

Hey DeeZman! Pastorius (fat bass steez), buena vista/cuban/traditional latin american and anything from the Andes, Reggae and DUB, the occasional prog rock, ska-tunes from tha 80s, old skool dancehall ragga, crusty punk rock like CRASS and SUBHUMANS, jello biafra, joe strummer, billy bragg, Johnny Cash, emiliana torrini, goldfrapp, otis redding, the supremes etc etc etc..

Plus a shit load of other stuff.


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Ok. I think it is a Scout. My manual is for an intramotor Scout, but the engine has Morini Motori on it, and the gas tank says "Verona."

But it looks like a Scout. So I'll go with that. It also has a separate oil reservoir, which is what made me think it was a four stroke. But the consensus seems to be that the fuel needs to be mixed, with SAE 30, at about 20:1.

I'll try that, and let ya know how it goes!

p.s. I'll post a few pics on the weekend of this ol' project bike.


Re: Two Strokes from me

Ho man o man!

I just wrote a whole huge page and just lost it!!!

Anyway, see if I can remember what I wrote.

Forget the oil resevoir. Don't use it. They suck, and I could list many reasons! People on here will back me up.

No, it's way better to mix it first, then put it in your tank. Just believe me on that one. Yes, you can use that measurement (20:1), but it'll smoke more, and not run as clean, etc, etc. Amsoil synthetic is the best as far as I'm concerned. Burns clean, doesn't build up that nasty carbon in the exhaust and other places. Just don't break in a new engine with synthetic, as it won't allow the rings to seat as well.

We play Pink Floyd, T Rex, a bit of John Denver (don't tell anyone), ac/dc, Dead Kennedys, Ramones, all sorts of that crap. Usually obscure covers. I hate doing other people's songs, as I feel like a poser or something. Just me personally. I feel weird copying a feel when I have my own expression that's starving to be let out.

Sorry if I seemed to be coming on to you. A girl on the bass makes me melt.

Email me if ya want. I'd love to talk more about it.


Re: Two Strokes from me

We play what we call "trance-rock", forgot to say that.

The boys just now showed up here, so I gotta play.

I cut my rewrite in half at least.




Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout

Leon Swarmer /


20:1 might be good for break in, but it'll foul your plug in a hurry. Also you need two stroke oil not the run of the mill car stuff.

I play 6 strings not 4.


Re: Two Strokes from me

Isn't it really about Victor Wooten?

Re: Two Strokes from me

OOOOoooo Good one... :)

Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout

Yepper - two-stroke oil it is..20:1 is what it says in the manual, and a few of you moped folks have suggested that proportion to start.

Someone else told me to disconnnect the oil reservoir completely and just not use it? WTF??

Leon plays 6-string..maybe we should all start an Intramotor band..hahaha...we could be called "Gloria and the Two-Stroke Scouts"


Re: Two Strokes from me

What did he say?

Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout

Don't just disconnect your oil tank. There is a specific way to do it. If you just disconnect it, it will suck in air instead of oil and you will seize the shit out of your bike... You are safer just leaving it be and running motul 600 synthetic in your oil tank, unless of course someone can tell you exactly what needs to be done for your specific setup...

Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout


This is history.

I didn't say to "disconnect" it, I said don't use it. Premix Amsoil 50 to 1 that's about 5oz. to 2 gallons.

The manual will NOT state it because it was not around when it was printed.

You wouldn't hardly believe what my manual says for mine. (I'm currently running a 1958 Sears Allstate/Puch Mo-Ped. I run amsoil exclusively.

I'm seriously not trying to hurt your bike; I'm trying to make things better and easier for you.

You could search on here, and prob'ly find many discussions about this.

You CAN plug off the hose from that oil tank.

Just make sure your gas is always mixed.

Injectors aren't consistent. They're a "convenience option" They suck. My brother's Suzuki's froze up for the second time due to that same exact thing!!

It only takes getting plugged up for a tiny bit, and you're through. I'm only trying to help. I sure don't want to start an argument!

If you do what the manual says, you'll be taking your exhaust off soon, and having to put it in a fire. Then ya better get the blade out and scrape your ports. Then ya better pull the head and see how much build-up ya have in there. Carry extra spark plugs, and smoke away in traffic.

Or use Amsoil or another comparable synthetic and it'll do most of that "cleaning" for you. It will run better, last LONGER, and and and and!

I like your idea about the intramotor band!


Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout

DeeZman - Chill!! It's ok dude - I wasn't razzing you. Another Gloria guy emailed me this, which is what I was referring to in the previous post:

"you shouldnt trust that oil reservoir. whatever pumps it to the engine could go bad, and screw up your fuel/oil mix. disconnect it, and mix in the tank."

I will take your advice. I realize the manual is rather "dated" to put it lightly...Anyway, I'm not touching the damn thing til saturday morning...damn the man taking up all my moped-tinkering time!

I sleep now.


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Nitey nite.

What? it's 11am here!

Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout

hahaha - it's a movie quote from "The Skeleton of Cadavra"

If you like lame-oid hilarity in the form of B-movie-horror, check it out.



Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout


I like doing the quote thing too.

Lines off of Christine, the car movie.

Lines off of Road to Wellville. Too funny!

But most of all quotes off of old star trek, since I know every episode by heart.

I thought you were just a partyin' fool and had to start sleeping it off. Been there enough, so I thought you were serious.

Good, I'm glad you will adhere. Now you are my friend.

"I'm a doctor not an escellator!"



Just checked the movie poster out.

I LOVE it!

That rocket looks alot like one I painted on a sign for a head shop. "Starship One" I had to paint it so it could be lit from the back. Turned out awesome.

Yeah, that movie looks like I better see it.

I sent ya an email last night from my yahoo one. I'm waiting for a sound from you now.


Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout

i can play drums....or rhythym ukelele...not lead though.

Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout


I just started playing a little uke, myself!

You'll never pull my guitar outa my hands though!

Oh, you were talking to the hotty bass-player, sorry.


Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout

i was kiddin'...i don't really play the uke...i do try and play a mandolin sometimes. and drums and guitar and trumpet and other things...

naw, i was talkin' to THE BAND!! we're in this together, man. There is no 'hottie bass player' in the word TEAM.

Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout

If there's a hotty bass player in the team/band.

There's still a hotty bass player.

No, ya can't have every privelage that this hotness posesses, but she's still a hotty.

I've played with many girls, and you're right.... kinda. They become part of you in a _different_ way. Deeper respect forms, and so-on.

~Then what was up with the ukulele thing then?

I think somebody better lay down a simple starting track, and pass it on. Then the next could add, and pass both on. Then the next could add....

This actually could be a cool thing; if it happened.

Girls are hot. Girls on instruments do something to me that most hot girls can't.


Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout

oh my.

uh, i made a joke about the uke.

and the band...

i'm kind of a jokey-kinda-dude.

but if you send me part of a track, i'll add something to it.

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Here's the project bike:

Today I got the Gloria going - using a synthetic two-stroke mix at 20:1. My gas tank was absolutely rank...stinky old gas + rust = tank narstiness...

So in order to get it running, a Dasani bottle made a nice adhoc tank:

Just a pic of the engine..

It runs great!! Now to strip the bike and restore the frame/chrome/paint work etc...

Thanks for all the Gloria advice lads :)


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Glad to hear.

I'd lean up the oil a bit on that mix, though. Not bad for running it if it hasn't been runnuing for awhile though.

Maybe next tank go closer to 40 to one, like 3oz. to a gallon. That is if it's 50 to 1 synthetic.

If it says something else on the bottle of Synth, then go by that.

I really have noticed a tremendous difference running Amsoil, compared to regular 2-stroke oil. But if ya get too much oil, it'll run bit boggier.

Let us know how it goes. Old gas smell. It makes me sick, smelling it! Then that rust ya knock outa there ALL SMELLS LIKE IT FIERCELY.

Make sure your wheels are nice and tight. 3 bikes I bought, someone only finger-tightened them. I didn't check the first time it happened, and hit a washboardy corner, knocked out the axle from it's spot, thus the wheel with it. The forks went immediatley into the ground, and I flipped over the handlebars, almost getting ran over from behind, since neither of us were expecting it. Since then, I bought another 2 with the same thing. Ya never know how what the previous owner may have been doing with it last. Buy an extra fuel filter, 'cause ya may need it after a few fillups, and rides. I like the little clear ones so ya can watch the build-up and to see if it's getting gas.

Tear up the road!

Oh, by the way, my drummer is moving now! I don't know what I'm gonna do. I've gone through this before, and it sucks!! Send me a song.


Re: Gloria Intramotor Scout

looks good! i like the black ones.

mine is missing the speedo, i hadn't ever seen one.

those engines are so tough, mine sat for about 5 years and all i had to do was clean out the carb and it started right up!

i snapped off one of the threaded bolts for the exhaust, careful with those.

good luck, and keep those pics comin!

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