YES! got it working..mostly

Michael Leinartas /

well i went on vacation for a week and when i got back it took a mere hour to get my moped started for the first time. I think it was a combination of many things going wrong. one of the main things was that a previous owner had tried to do something to fix the intermittent ground on the headlight. he had run an extra wire from the headlight body to what he thought was a ground wire. this wire turned out to be the kill switch wire. so, until i disconnected it, i only got spark when the headlight's ground went out. But, after squirting some starting fluid and pedalling furiously, it started. I drove it around all day yesterday. man these things are incredable fun. the only problem ive been having is that once the engine warms up, i lose all of my mid/low power unless i use the choke. once im going about 20-25, i have to release the choke to get faster. should i be getting a bigger jet for my carb? or might it have something to do with timing? one more question, how good should i be locking this thing up when i take it out? most of the thefts reported on this site it seems were from the backyard of owner's homes. Im not worried about that because i keep it in the garage. will a fork lock and a u-lock be sufficient? thnx.

RE: YES! got it working..mostly

out and about around town, a u-lock and a fork lock will do the job. Just be smart about where you park it, the more visible the better. also try and use the U-lock to anchor it to a sign or a fence or something.


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nevermind..(workin good now)

Michael Leinartas /

well i had about 25:1 fuel oil mix in the tank just to make sure it got all lubricated properly since it had sat dry for so long. also, the gas i used was pretty old stuff i had sitting around. today i went and bought a 2.5 gallon gas can and some synthetic 2stroke motorcycle oil and mixed some brand new gas 50:1. now it runs great. has decent accelleration and it feels like i can hit 35 or so (i dont have a speedometer yet...) now i find myself making excuses just to ride the thing..

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