Make my tomos go faster

I bought a tomos targa scooter the other day. I put the faster muffler on it but I live where there is alot of hills and I want more power. Is there any other way.

Re: Make my tomos go faster

1. Tomos Targas are Mopeds

2. You can look into different sprockets

-- Use the search feature to do a search for sprocket size

3. Add more CCs

-- do a search on big bore kits

4. Trim some of that fat from your ass

Re: Make my tomos go faster

InfectedBootSector /

yea... I need to trim some fat from my ass too... the 70cc kit won't help with that much l

Oh well... I can just quit eating so I can buy some more moped stuff! That will kill two birds with one stone.

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