78 Maxi Carb Problems

Shane J. Wolfe /

I've been observing the engine on my Puch Maxi for the past few weeks. I notice that some fuel ( not a great deal ) is leaking somewhere from the carb, but can't really pinpoint the place. This moped only has 850 miles on it. I've put about 200 on it since I bought it in the beginning of July. Since I've owned it, I've noticed that it doesn't quite run the way it should. I've got the mix the way the ped likes, but I think the fuel leaving the carb still cuts my perfomance. Does anyone know if this is normal for a Puch? Should I replace the gaskets in the carb?


Shane Wolfe

RE: 78 Maxi Carb Problems

On the bottom of your carb there is a float bowl... inside there is a float.... the fuel enters the carb thru the fuel line and "floats" the float till the float pushes on the float needle and stops more fuel from flowing in..... if there is any crud where the float needle meets its "seat" then too much fuel keeps flowing in and will then drip out somewhere ..... This is probably what is causing your leakage.... so take it apart and remove the needle and carefully inspect the float needle and seat and make sure they are spotless.... also blow compressed air thru the seat area in both directions..... while you are at it take out the pilot jet and hold it up to the light and make sure its passage is clear...then look at the gasket and make sure it is not torn (they rarely tear)....Then put it all back together and try it.

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