UFO MOPED!!!!!(funny story)

awhile back i just had bought my 1987 Trac Olympic ( great bike) and i decided to put those light up reflecters in my spokes and i was riding down a road near my house in rich field ohio( very hilley , countryish) and it was about 10:30pm and was goin down this big hill on 303 ( the road) and people called the cops and reported an "unidentified MOVING object) im like what the fuck! IM A MOPED NOT A ALIEN DUMBASS! and it turned out the cops kinda blew off the subject and it was funny, so after that i put a bif UFO( dirt bike parts maker) stickers all over the trac and it has some great memories behind it

haha, take it easy "dudes"


Re: UFO MOPED!!!!!(funny story)

Reeperette /

Get an "Alien" mask and ride by your neighbors on halloween shrieking....

heh, heh, heh.


Re: UFO MOPED!!!!!(funny story)

When we were kids in the midwest on summer nights we would build hot air ballons from the clear plastic bags they put over clothes from the cleaners.

We would build a light weight X frame on the bottom to support a small candle with the bag fastened to the X frame

We would seal up the top end of the bag and light the candle, let the bag fill up and then watch it float way and then read in the newspapers the next day about Flying Saucer sightings. Harmless fun until we did it in the fall and caught some farmers corn field on fire.

After that the alien space port was closed by my Dad.

Re: UFO MOPED!!!!!(funny story)

OH MAN!!! Now thats freggin' funny!!!!! Were always looking for stupid things to do when we get bored, think well have to try that......minus the burning down the crop part.

Re: UFO MOPED!!!!!(funny story)

once my crazy drunk uncle got pissed at his neighbors and took his riding mower into their yard in the middle of the night and cut "crop circles" into it.

that really inproved neighbor relations.


Re: UFO MOPED!!!!!(funny story)

Last 4th of July my son and his best friend were in the back yard shooting off illegal fireworks (small bottle rockets).

In the true spirit of maleness, the kid's father get's the bright idea of using model rocket cartridges taped to a lenght of wooden dowel. This guy builds real rockets for a living. So he shoots a couple of these homemade puupies off and man did they GO out of sight. This guy was jumping up and down and cheering like a little kid.

A few minutes later we hear the fire truck sirens. Thank God he didn't set somebody's roof on fire. Just caught a vacant field on fire.

His usual targets in real life are things like Taliban or Iraqi tanks or scud missles.

We have nominated him for an associates Darwin Award and we don't let play with the little kids anymore.

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