Idle/Throttle problem?

Well after disassembling the entire engine..doing some cleaning, I managed to get my cute lil puch started and running today. It runs great..and I managed to take it around the died at the bottom of a steep hill though, since I ran out of fuel (the fuel line broke when I put the carb back on and almost all the fuel came out). Any problem is order to keep the engine running..I need to have the throttle on at all times..If I cut off the throttle..the engine dies. Im assuming this is either an idle problem, or a problem with the throttle cable. I didn't want to touch either until I was sure which one it was. Id appreciate any help anyone could give me.

Thanks in advance


RE: Idle/Throttle problem?

When you have a carb apart you usually have to reset the .......idle speed screw.... and the.....idle mixture screw (set this one first) ...... the idle speed screw simply holds the throttle open a little bit that you don't have to.... look at the carb closely while you open and close the throttle several times.... look for a screw that keeps the throttle from going all the way back.........................the idle mixture screw is down lower and usually has a spring on the is supposed to be set by turning it all the way in...(gently!)... then backing it out a set amount.... usually between 1 full turn and 2 full turns.... if you have a manual look up the settings and set it to what the manual says.... if you don't have a manual.... try the screw at 1 and a quarter turns out.................... then turn the idle speed screw in if it won't idle.... or out if it idles too fast.

RE: Idle/Throttle problem?

Reeperette /

Also check your throttle cable assembly and adjustments, but at the handlebars and where it enters the carb..


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