L.A. City Cops

I just read an old post from someone last year in pasadena

who actually had a tomos LX recovered by the cops. Maybe

I've just had a bad experience with the peace officers

in my neck of the woods, but when my bike got lifted I was

informed I couldn't make a report over the phone(even though

I was house-bound due to accident related injuries) and

the only way I could file a report was to go to the hollywood

station. They wouldn't even dispatch an officer to my location

and the guy was a real dick about it. Is this SOP for L.A.

Ciry cops? We're doing everyone a favor by not clogging

the streets with SUV's and we get treated like second-class

citizens. Maybe I forgot to sign up for the taxpayer plus

or taxpayer platinum program, but it just seems like I got

the short shrift from law enforcement. Am I alone in this?

Or has anyone else gotten the brush-off in the city of angels?

Re: L.A. City Cops

yee I got brushed off too!

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