A few TOMOS TARGA questions

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I have quite a few questions about my newly purchased moped. I am anything but a moped expert, so pardon me if the following sounds funny, out of place, or completely incompetent.

My moped (a 1994 Targa) does not like to switch into 2nd gear while going at even the slightest incline, it seems that the only time it actually switches into 2nd is when going downhill. Surely not at what can be called optimum RPM, since the engine kills itself on a straightaway, yet does not switch into 2nd gear.

My moped does not like to cold-start. It takes me 10-15 minutes to start the thing. I read the procedure and all, doesnt seem to help. My sparkplug emits what looks like a standard spark, so that should not be the problem.

There is a fairly large crack between the 2 parts of my cylinder.. Maybee arround a whole 3 mm, i have no understanding if this is bad or good.. No unwanted liquid pours out, so i think this is normal.

Since the engine RPM differs even with the same throttle settings, it is very difficult to set up my moped so that it does not kill the engine when there is a red light or a stop sign. The idle RPM screw on the carburator does not seem to help very much. From my understanding the screw controls the ammount of air intake? I took appart the throttle assembly several times and went through a pair of cables while switching my throttle handle and cable, and it seems that the idle RPM can be controlled by ammount of throttle given on the null position. Like stated before this is impossible without damaging the clutch since the engine RPM seems to vary every 3-10 seconds. Why does it vary?

I have not tried cleaning out the exhaust yet, but I am pondering the question of being an enviromentally not-understanding person and just taking off the main part of what it is that is my muffler, and leaving the 'silencer' assembly behind just so that the local police wont say anything about the ped being illigal. This should improve engine performance quite largely.. Better than any bi-turbo exhaust, right?

I have a very slight understanding of how the moped's automatic transmition works, and the guy at Akron Moped (the local ped shop) looked at me with a mean look when i mentioned sproket configurations. If there were any way possible to make the damn thing switch into 2nd at different RPM the moped would work much better.

What kind of fuel should I fill my used moped up with. 92' seems good, but the previous owner used 85-87.

I am pondering upon disconnecting my oil injection system, and mixing my fuel up myself. Is there any way to adjust the fuel-oil ratio? The engine doesnt seem to perform its best at the current setting. The difference of RPM might also be the result of an improper mixture?

My brakes are not doing to well! What is the normal life expectancy for drum brakes? Do I need to replace the break shoes or simply adjust something? I tightened the break cable so that it catches better (pulls lever more) but that did not seem to help my problem awfully much.

The speedometer on the ped seems to be malfunctioning, or just old. When I come to a complete stop from about 30MPH, the thing still claims im going 25. I am anything but a speedometer-head, so I dont know what can possibly be wrong, or how it gets the wrong measurement, for the purpouse of briefness all I want to know here is if I need to replace it, or is it just normal?

What should the PSI of my tires be?

Ah, and one of my most useless questions:

Do you think that placing a CD player in the underseat compartment of the moped work if the ROM had no ESP?

Thanks Alot in Advance, for any questions answered is less time I have to spend in the garage experimenting, and getting yelled at for touching things with my oil soaked hands.


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