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I live in Mccloud california...A cold place. I have been seriously considering purchasing/bidding-on, a moped while researching a found this site, and wondered if some ppl could dropme a few hints about buying and owning a moped... I need to know things like should I buy one of those kick starts or pedel ones? whats a good one for me? do they really concerve on fuel? are they more ecinomic then a car-and for that matter cheaper considering? how do the laws governing use of a moped differ from that of cars? can I really take one on the side walk at a slow speed? how do I know what a good deal on one is? I have these questions racing through my head but to give you more info, I live in a place that can get very cold, has very few side walks and deer laden highways. I need it as more of an around town vehicel and also once in a while traveling on the highway to neiboring towns. I dont have much to spend on getting one (maybe $350-$450), or on fuel so it needs to be eficient on gas I guess, good brakes(a deer can pop up any where), easy start,

easy to find replacment parts for-low matnence, um and most important inexpensive. I have experience in buying older vehicels(mini winnies mostly) so I know that older is better for the use one gets out of it vrs. ones pocket book I just need some insight here...any one with a few ideas and answers email me i guess. thank you , ttfn

Re: a few questions

er...my address is jahred@anywhereusa.com

Re: a few questions

Well,Jahred,you could use a good moped alright if you wanna get around cheap.There are plenty of Motobecanes,Tomos',and Vespas in California.Talk to Zippy at ZippyMoped and see if he has any good used ones.Or do what I do and keep your eye on the Tradin'Times or Tradin' Post magazine of the nearest big city you can drive to in order to pick the moped up.Main thing is,take someone with you who knows mopeds or is a good mechanic and don't buy the moped unless it has a 2-speed or Variable ratio transmission.You must also test-drive it for a good half hour with no problems,putting it thru some paces and take it up a hill or two.Tell them in advance you're gonna do this,before you make a long drive for nothing.That's the way I do it,and I've always gotten good `peds.Hope this helps!

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