well i rigged up a little gas tank thing i made to take my first run with thepc50..well heres a few things i discovered

1. right side pedal is stripped cause it poped right off

2. it needs front wheel bearings bad, that wheel was all over the place

3. needs front brakes and rear brakes BAD! its not good when i ahve to use my feet to stop in my driveway. (very exciteing allmost hit my dads new pontiac grand prix)

4. my gas tank is total CRAP. rust gunk and junk all inside it

heres my conclusions. i found 1981 Puegeot forsale locally for a fairly cheap price. so i think i might purchase this as i get needed parts for my pc50 and get it on the road.

so dose anybody have a gas tank for a pc50?and the pedal and crank thinggy it attaches to??if so let me knoe

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