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I think I can peg this one, hands-down.

Aug 6th 1992, making a left turn MD Rte2 Gov Ritchie Hwy onto Walton Ave.

An oncoming car punched it on a yellow in the fast lane, and did not see my moped trying to get out of the intersection cause of a van in the turn lane.

End result: T-bone collision at a combined speed of over 70Mph.

The front of the car nailed the side of my ped, crushing/mutilating my right leg at the shin, and sailing me and the ped nearly 40 feet through the air, sometime during which, we seperated company and I came down on my back, crackin my head but good.

The moped was a 89-90's Tomos Golden Bullet, and had two reinforcement bars along the tank sides, as well as a headlight/cable protecting grid and screen since it was used in a bad part of town where people aren't ped-friendly.

The fuel tank did not crack, and no fuel save for the carb bowl was spilled, it also shut off automatically when it went over, so no fire, no burns.

I was wearing a helmet, and light upper-body motorcross armor, and because of this took no injury save to the leg, and two minor lacerations from flying headlight glass.

The leg was mangled, tho, double compound fracture of the tibia, fibula, and shattered bits lacerating the major blood vessels, which were bleeding out pretty bad.

The service station who's parking lot I landed in, called an ambo, but "I think he's dead" resulted in them considerin me a DOA and takin 45-plus minnits to arrive whilst I was bleeding, no chopper, no siren, just a box without life-support equipment on slow cruise, thinking to collect a cadaver.

Some decent civilian in a van, might have even been the one in the turn lane, pulled up and stopped with his flashers on, to "cover" me so I did not get run over again by some impatient jerk not payin attention, never got to thank him, but here's to you, Van-person.

The ambo eventually arrived, and the crew was quite a bit surprised when the "Corpse" attempted to cajole a cigarrette from them! (I was outta smokes, which is where I was goin.)

So they packed me up as fast as they could and did about 110 down Rte2, not even bothering with the local hospital, made for the Shock-Trauma center Asap.

Of course, losin that much blood should kill ya, but imma stubborn cuss, and was conscious till they put me out for emergency wake up to a nurse sittin there with a notepad, pencil and tape recorder, apparently in case I said anythin afore I died.

Heh, I made her go get me some coffee.

There's a lot more to it, of course, but worse than that, and the rider isn't usually around to talk about it.

I made it, with a few non-OEM replacement parts...obviously.

The ped made it, sort of, too - dismounted the engine and put it on a cobbled-together ped and ran that for quite a while.

Moral of the Story ? Tomos, and Tomos owners, are not easy to kill.



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