what are your guys's worst crashes on a moped, we all know everyone has crashed , tip[ped over , burn your leg on the pipe etc... tell me about it


My worst was when a pick-up forced me off the road and I had to ditch it at 20mph or more!I went over the handlebars and broke both front fork tubes and hand brake controls,plus bent my gas tank some.But I got back on the bike( I was bruised quite a bit)and rode it with the steering cock-eyed at night back to town which was 4 or 5 miles away.Those Motomarinas are tough!I didn't think it woulda' even started after THAT shake-up.I had another coupla' wrecks that didn't hurt much after that. Don-ohio


I've never really had a major crash but I have burned the inside of my right and left legs( my two peds have the exhaust on opposite sides) around the same time so I had 2 scars and they looked pretty funny.

I am really carefull about my moped falling but one time when I was rolling it back into my shed, when I was halfway inside a bee and fallen from its nest (the nest was at the top of the roof in the shed) and the bee had dropped down the back of my shirt and stung me in the back. I dropped my moped and ran around the yard swearing.

No damage was done to the moped but I later went back the nest and killed every single one of the bee's.


chuck russo va /

i was gonna go out some where and i was messing around with my moped befor i went out i was in kinda nicew clothes and i decided to ride it through my back yard and when i went to make a turn in the burm for my dirtbike i layed it over but i jumped off befor i could mess up my clothes. the moped was fine nothing happened to it and i just got a lil bit of mud on my hands thats all


Now that's the way to crash a `ped!Teach me that jump,will ya'Chuck?Can a guy do it at 235 lbs.with a top-tank?LOL!Glad you weren't hurt,Man!


Reeperette /

I think I can peg this one, hands-down.

Aug 6th 1992, making a left turn MD Rte2 Gov Ritchie Hwy onto Walton Ave.

An oncoming car punched it on a yellow in the fast lane, and did not see my moped trying to get out of the intersection cause of a van in the turn lane.

End result: T-bone collision at a combined speed of over 70Mph.

The front of the car nailed the side of my ped, crushing/mutilating my right leg at the shin, and sailing me and the ped nearly 40 feet through the air, sometime during which, we seperated company and I came down on my back, crackin my head but good.

The moped was a 89-90's Tomos Golden Bullet, and had two reinforcement bars along the tank sides, as well as a headlight/cable protecting grid and screen since it was used in a bad part of town where people aren't ped-friendly.

The fuel tank did not crack, and no fuel save for the carb bowl was spilled, it also shut off automatically when it went over, so no fire, no burns.

I was wearing a helmet, and light upper-body motorcross armor, and because of this took no injury save to the leg, and two minor lacerations from flying headlight glass.

The leg was mangled, tho, double compound fracture of the tibia, fibula, and shattered bits lacerating the major blood vessels, which were bleeding out pretty bad.

The service station who's parking lot I landed in, called an ambo, but "I think he's dead" resulted in them considerin me a DOA and takin 45-plus minnits to arrive whilst I was bleeding, no chopper, no siren, just a box without life-support equipment on slow cruise, thinking to collect a cadaver.

Some decent civilian in a van, might have even been the one in the turn lane, pulled up and stopped with his flashers on, to "cover" me so I did not get run over again by some impatient jerk not payin attention, never got to thank him, but here's to you, Van-person.

The ambo eventually arrived, and the crew was quite a bit surprised when the "Corpse" attempted to cajole a cigarrette from them! (I was outta smokes, which is where I was goin.)

So they packed me up as fast as they could and did about 110 down Rte2, not even bothering with the local hospital, made for the Shock-Trauma center Asap.

Of course, losin that much blood should kill ya, but imma stubborn cuss, and was conscious till they put me out for emergency surgery...to wake up to a nurse sittin there with a notepad, pencil and tape recorder, apparently in case I said anythin afore I died.

Heh, I made her go get me some coffee.

There's a lot more to it, of course, but worse than that, and the rider isn't usually around to talk about it.

I made it, with a few non-OEM replacement parts...obviously.

The ped made it, sort of, too - dismounted the engine and put it on a cobbled-together ped and ran that for quite a while.

Moral of the Story ? Tomos, and Tomos owners, are not easy to kill.



Oddball "Crash"

Reeperette /

There was one sorta-crash worth mentioning.

Was northbound on Rte2 Gov Ritchie Hwy one afternoon and about to turn into Luckys, a local convenience store, when a car brushed a little close, and the "wake" and shock of it caused the front wheel of my ped to hit the little bump of curb at the edge of the parking lot at a bad angle and jackknife the front end, throwing me over the handlebars at 32Mph.

The strange part is right after that...I had practiced shoulder rolls before in acrobatics class, as well as a "light" version of a martial art class, and with particular attention for the instance of some day having to bail a bike at speed.

Well, I lucked out in that I had been thrown off at the perfect angle to begin a shoulder roll, and did a complete one, comin up facing the 'ped, on my feet - and CAUGHT THE FRIGGIN THING, still somewhat in motion, and afore it fell over - it was like, freakin!

I stood there a second....totally weirded by the experience, then walked the 'ped to a parkin spot, kicked the stand down, and went in....passing by a wino who was tryin to decide if he actually SAW that or not...heh.

Truth is oft stranger than fiction.



Drinking and Mopeding DON'T MIX...

This happened when I was working in Kosovo...

Was out on a Saturday Night...Full of "Spirit"...

Feeling a little racer-boyishness (chemically induced)...

Cranked it over Kenny Roberts style...

Turn was covered with GRAVEL!!! (Dark)


Re: Oddball "Crash"

That's hilarious,Ree!I don't mean the wreck,of course,but the way you rolled out of it.Ha! That's great! I remember now you recommended getting taught that roll in the `MOPED SAFETY' article on this forum........Okay:This ain't in a class with that one but here goes....I was playing men's baseball in Portsmouth Ohio back in 1990(Yes,I still played men's baseball at 38 yrs.old).We were playin' the `hotshot' Lucasville ,OH high school team after their season and their coach was playin' too,at my age.I hit a HIGH pop-up into shallow right field and no one could get to it.This big tall smart aleck kid playin' first knew I had a double for sure.I could run pretty fast for a then 200 lbs.or so.As I sped around first the stupid kid tripped me on purpose,and I pitched forward at full-speed.I don't know how exactly,but I rolled forward over and over for about 30 ft. and got up and ran back to first base unhurt.The ump wouldn't give me second base,so I stole it,got driven over to third and then STOLE HOME!We shook those high- schoolers up so bad we beat them a double-header that day.I'd hate to see what would happen if I had to jump off a `ped at my age now,though!Sorry if I'm out of line here,but I couldn't resist tellin' that one!(:^)


Hi,DaveI !! You said the true word there,Pard! That drinkin' affects people's judgment bad.Why just the other day,Ron Brown thought he was toting a keg of `bear' on his pink Mary Kay Honda,as we caught him TUI(Typing Under the Influence)! (:^) Stay safe in Africa,DaveI !!


i had just bought a '72 CB200 it ran like crap so i was messin with it, the electric start didnt work so i kicked started it started rolling out of my drive way and it started to die on me so i pull over to the curb and went tp get off the bike and push it back to the drive way. well the kick starter some how went up my pant leg aand got my leg stuck when i went to step off. i ended up falling over hiting my mail box on the way down and haveing the bike fall on my legs. even the little neighbor kid was pointing and laughing at me. i even sat there laughing my ass off cause it must have looked really stupid.


That would be funny,as long as you didn't get hurt bad!HaHaHaHa!You were probably aggravated at the bike anyway,so you must have a pretty good sense of humor to laugh at yourself in that situation.


Well, I haven't hit the pavement- yet ( keep carrying that rabbit's foot )

But I keep getting very near-misses...

My Avanti's back wheel likes to occasionaly lockup on me...always going downhill and always going over 35mph...man, I go into a power skid !

I think the lightness of a moped allows me to control it enough not to get killed on it.... if it were a heavy motorcycle , forget it, I think I'd be smashed up

And of course every day Imma dodging pissed-off cages trying to run me into the gutter...

Two days ago I was doing the speed limit and a damed NJ transit bus comes flying up out of nowhere... I was riding the center of the lane ( NJ motorcycle manual says to take the center of the lane- discourage lane-sharing, ha ) And this crazy ass bus passes me on the shoulder, doing at least 15 miles over the speed limit ! It's a scarey life on a moped.


gimmyjimmy /

not on a ped, I was on my way home from work doing 50mph on my 650cc Triumph when a car left turned in front of me. Unavoidable, it happened in a blink of an eye.

Damage Report:

broken nose

20 stitches upper lip

two teeth lost

compound fracture of right humerus

severed radial nerve right arm

broken back- L1 compression fracture

collapsed left lung

severe blunt trauma to genitals

compound fracture of left fibula

compound fracture of left tibia with loss of 1inch of bone

broken left ankle

2 broken toes- left foot

blood loss amount- unsure

motorcycle - totaled

Toyota Corolla - totaled

Cause of accident- failure to yield, the old guy didn't see me, (had my headlight on too!)

Ride safe everyone.

gimmyjimmy <img scr="http://joyride.phpwebhosting.com/phpauction/moped.gif">;


Matt-Cincy /

i was smashed by a car in nov. broke my knee and tore 3 of the four major ligaments. and messed the other leg up severly.that shit hurt but i got a really nice cylinder head burn scar now you can see it perfectly.the operation is gonna be about 40,00 to get my legs kinda workin again.it was the guys fault luckily pretty much the same way gimmyjimmys crash happend boy that shit really hurt


Oh yea...just in case.

Reeperette /

Y'all ever get told "it's hopeless" on accident-damage by your Doctor, lemme know..I got sick of bein told my life as I knew it was over by wussies and collected a crew of Docs that could do frankenstein one better any day of the week.

Worse was the attitudes of some Docs...as if I would have some ridiculous emotional attachment to a limb that's been virtually destroyed, doesn't work and will never work - why ? sentimental value ??

Hack that sucka off, get me somethin that works, and make damn sure to build it tough enough to keep the hell up with me! (This one does, I broke the first couple of em.)

Hafta implant some metal in there? fine...sea coral (wtf?) no problem...plastic, ceramic, hey I don't care what it's made of, long as it works....graft a lil skin, go for it.

As long as yer still gettin blood to the braincase - yer still in the game, and ain't NO sense layin in bed pissin and moanin about it.

Afore I even had the leg fixed, I got my hands onna Tomos Trike, and I rode THAT, like hell is a little thing like mutilation keep me off the road.

Anyhow, you find yourself in a spot cause of docs with no balls, lemme know....I'll hook ya up with mine.



Wow, you guys scare me with these stories....I was hoping that the slower speeds of a moped might make them alittle more safer then a motorcycle...

I think I need a diagram to understand Reep's accident.... were you and the van both in the left turn lane trying to make a left ? Not sure how the van blocked the car's view..

Sometimes I have to hang in an intersection waiting for a left turn and I feel pretty helpless, since cars are all trying to gun it and run the redlights...a moped from a stopped position doesn't have the accelleration to get out of the way.

I went on a green light at an intersection a few weeks ago and a car ran the redlight,he squeeled the brakes...thought I was gonna get T-boned, but luckily there was a small Honda to my left, so he would have gotten rammed first...he just missed that Honda by inches...uugh


Thats it im buying a helmet is there any good sights to go find one..



matt-cincy /

yes walker there is a good site for that www.im a sissy .com check it out you will find all the stuff you need there.



Hey,Jimmy! Mopeding is relatively as safe as the drivers around you.If you ride where the people drive like fools,say like in Cincy at the Eastgate mall intersection where Meiers Store is(right?,Ike, Crisis,Casey,and Matt?),then you're at high risk;Motorcycle OR moped.If you ride mainly country roads or back roads to get where you're going, like I try to,you're gonna stand a way better chance of havin' no serious accidents.Of course,even in small towns and in the country,PEOPLE(I use the term loosely) DO RUN REDLIGHTS without looking to the left or right.You just gotta be a way better driver than everyone around you when you're on a `ped!It's YOUR SURVIVAL ! (:^)


Ike's got helmets! I bought one(cop style)for my 11 yr.old!Very good prices ,too!


LIFE after an accident is always an excellent choice...

I'm an avid motorcyclist as well as 'peder...

I ordered my most recent helmet from the following site which

gave me the best price and got it very fast...


Screw anything else...Wear a helmet...And live to ride again...

I'm living proof...


It was an old guy, it was his fault. it was downhill, so I was at maximum speed

He didn't obey a stop sign where he should have, and I drove into his driver's side door at a full speed.....

my right arm smashed out his driver's side door window. The moped buckled against the driver's side of his car, with my bloody arm smashing him in the head--- (I later found out they thought he had been injured, but it was my blood on his head.....!)

So, My right leg is pinned between the driver's door and my moped with my bloody arm inside the car for a split second....until I went airborne.

I remember hitting the side of his car so hard, I lost all my breath and was gasping/screaming even before I hit the ground. my right leg was gored badly from being pulled out from between the moped and the car as I went flying. So, my right leg was a mess, even before I hit the ground......

I flew over his car, landed in the road, specifically on my right ankle, which buckled, and my right knee which smashed the ground right after my ankle shattered. the knee split open real gross-like.

I never lost consciousness, but I was gasping/screaming (a horrible sound)..the ambulance came quickly. I was a little scared I was going to die---

5 months later, still a lot of aches and pains, but I've got a new moped for spring.

The best part of the story is that they were washing all the auto glass out of my arm cuts and gashes, and I heard the med students laughing--- I asked what was so funny, and they told me-- When they were irrigating my cuts, the water would shoot out of all the other cuts, fountain style..... like my arm had become a grotesque cartoon of itself.


I got a great full-faced snell 2000 approved helmet at splathat.com

their prices include the shipping cost... mine's the top model Vega x2k I think it's called...really warm for this winter driving..

After listening to Matt's and Reeps'd story...hmm... I think I'd like to get a leg-helmet for each leg..

Is there leg armor for motorbikes ???


wow, i was not in anything that serious but i was going in to a curb at about 30 mph on a tomos sprint, a car was backing out and i avoided it but not the car infront of me which stopped for some friggin reason, it was a small sports car like a porsce 911 with a ramp like rear. i hit it at 30 and i flew over the car and landed on the road. as i was sliding i was thinking this aint too bad but a stupid contruction sign came up and smashed through it. any ways i was not the only one flying over the car, my moped did too, my moped came and slid right into me breaking my collar bone. the mopeds front forks ripped off and carreened over the car. weird eh. some one called t the police not 911, so i was laying there for about 30 minutes trying to get outa the street all busted up. i final went to the hospital with a broken collar bone and some scrapes. i later found out that my moped lit of fire and burned some guys shanty down. anyways im ok and wear a damned helmet!

A diagram of the accident.

Reeperette /

This should make it a lil easier to understand for Jimmy and others, then.

Legend -

BLACK - them concrete lane-divider thingies.

GREY - My moped, and it's intended course.

GREEN - The oncoming car, and it's intended course.

BROWN - The van blocking sight of me from the car.

PINK - Line of sight of the car at the time of acceleration.

RED - Impact site.

TAN - Course of moped after impact.

BLUE - Coure of rider after impact.

Simple enough, I figure.



Re: A diagram of the accident.

Thanks for the diagram, Reep.. alot easier to see now what happened...

The scarey thing is that I go through intersections like that every day and I feel like a sitting duck waiting in these interesetions too....don't know if some guy running the yellow or redlight will nail me as I make the left turn, or, if some airhead woman on a cellphone is going to ram me from behind while I wait for traffic to clear. I feel alittle safer when I'm moving and have some speed up because at least I got more of a chance to dodge out of the way.

Sittin Duck A'la Roadkill

Reeperette /

Yeah...I know that sitting duck feeling all too well.

I generally won't make a left turn on a moped unless no traffics comin, I gotta green ARROW, or I have no choice.

Unless you have jet boosters, it's just plain unsafe to try a left across a large or busy street on a stock moped, they don't have the takeoff for it to be.

The intersection in the diagram now has a 6-way light with arrow, gee..wonder what convinced em ?

For preference, instead of makin a left across a busy street, if the light has no arrow - I will turn right and find somewhere to make a quick U turn or a SAFE left turn into a parkin lot or somethin...come around and go straight across, takes a little longer, but less chance of gettin creamed.

And when stuck where I got no arrow and no choice ? I will WAIT till I have a hole big enough, period - any attempt to force me into makin an unsafe left is not only not gonna work, but will likely result in me gettin off the ped and coming back there to "discuss" it with the impatient cagepusher who seems to think my ped can take off like a bottle rocket.

Usually all that takes is pulling up the pants leg on the right side and sayin "wouldja like to know how I got this ?" with a glare gets the message across, and if that don't, s'what the chain is for....I ain't never riskin my life for someone else's lack of patience again...ever.

And anyone tryin to run me over when I step off the 'ped, which has been tried only once, is gonna find out how fast I can duck - AND lose some automotive glassware, at the very least.


Re: A diagram of the accident.

A friend who rides motorcycles says he has seen more people smash into bikes from behind than forward. One time, he was in mid-sentence with a friend, stopped at a light, and suddenly his friend was "punted" like 40 feet by a car that didn't stop in time.

He says he watches his rear view more than forward when he's slowing or stopped.

Ped punting

Reeperette /

Yeah, I've had that happen to me too....not in the 40-foot category, but enough to annoy me, piss me off and dent my cargo rack.

The cagepusher that hits me that hard from behind better hope I don't get up.....cause I'll be pissed.


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