Painting again

Hey, I'm painting my moped and I was wondering what I could do to the crome the fenders and exhaust...what i mean is what can i get to clean them good and make them all nice and shiny :) and also for the body of the moped would you guys recommend putting on a clear coat on?

Re: Painting again


The fenders are accually stainless steal. At least I am pretty sure. But for the fenders and all of the chrome that have surface rust you need to get some 0000 steal wool and use it with water and it should take the little rust spots off and other crap. The only other thing to do is to get the turtle wax out.

Paul L

Re: Painting again

Do u recommend putting on a clear coat?

Re: Painting again

Im not sure?


Re: Painting again

U might wanna consider getting ahold of a electric buffer when you use the polish, i used my dad's and it work great.

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