Help ,Fred! I just tore my carb apart

I am looking for the jet inside my carb, I need to get a bigger one or drill the holes bigger because my motor's running too lean...

I took a photo of the brass do-hicky I pulled out of the carb... is this thing the jet ?

it says 52 Pacco on the end...

the end has a small pinhole..

there are 3 more pinholes on one side of the tube and two holes on the other side...

If this is the jet Im going to try and get a bigger one...

If I can't find a jet for this Pacco carb I might have to drill out the holes alittle...

If I have to drill it out, which holes would I drill ? The one pinhole on the end of this piece, or the 5 pinholes on the side of the tube ? Or do you drill out all the holes alittle ?

thanks again



Re: Help ,Fred! I just tore my carb apart

Here what it looks like on the end..the writing says

52- Pacco


Re: Help ,Fred! I just tore my carb apart

In the 2nd pic that thing that looks like a screw with a pin hole in the middle is your jet unscrew that and clean it out or buy a new one there only a couple bucks..dont drill any thing


Re: Help ,Fred! I just tore my carb apart

Hi Jimmy

I'll defer to Fred to reply to you but in the meantime I would strongly recommend that you NOT drill out any holes in your jet or at least until Fred replies to see what he recommends.

the plan

The small hole in the second pic is the one that is accurately sized to flow fuel... The other holes are for mixing fuel and air.

Since I've never heard of a "Pacco"... the plan would be...

Find a Pacco jet one size bigger

If you can't find one.

Maybe that is a copy of another manufacturers carb ?

So maybe one from a "XXXXX" would be the same ??

If that doesn't work... go to a hobby store and buy a very fine set of 'hobby drills"... then stick the 'shank end' of thr largest drill that will fit through... then select the next size up... and use that to drill that center hole.. don't worry about the side holes.

The drills at a hardware store are way too big.

alternate plan

if you want to take a slightly different (easier) route first

Then... restrict the area of airflow going into the airbox (or carb) with tape (or whatever... depending on how its set up).

this gives almost the same effect as a larger main jet.

It will richen up the air/fuel ratio.

But of course restricts overall airflow a little.

It might be worth playing with ?

(it doesn't take much to have an effect)

Re: alternate plan

I think that Pacco carb might be the Dellorto `knock-off' from India.I'm not sure,though.They put the knock-offs on Hero-Majestics.Got one on my ANKUR,I guess.

Re: alternate plan

I think the pacco jet is made in Italy and oemed on a lot of carbs.

There are also "Pacco" stands all over Mexico.

Re: alternate plan

HaHa,Zippy! You mean `Casa del Heartburn',right?So the jet is Pacco?That makes sense.I guess the knock off carbs were another name.B.J. at Handy Bikes was telling me about them but it's been a while.(:^)

Re: the plan

Thanks Fred

Now I know that I took the right part out of my carb..

Yeah, the first thing I'm going to do is ask around and try to locate a next size up jet that will fit this....drilling will be my last resort...

So a larger hole on the bottom of the jet should let in more gas/oil and help keep my motor running cooler ?

I did have a ported 50cc cylinder put in this, so that's why I think the motor's running alittle hotter then the stock setup

Onetime my airfilter was dirty , the airflow was restricted, but the speed of the bike was reduced too, I felt.... I'd like to keep the speed up but allow more oil to flow into the motor to keep things cool.... hills seem to give me the most problems.

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