Wheel Lights

Hey gang.... I don't know if any of you remember a few months back i was talking with wayne about lighting issues with moped and not being seen at night.

I told him aobut the tire fly's "valve stem cap lights"

We talked abouit getting them and since I work at walmart (in the tire shop) I went ahead and got a set for the moped.

They work pretty good but my moped actualy rides so smooth that they do not stay lit constantly. (I also live on a newly black topped road) However if I take some of the old roads at night they really light up well and make you visable from the side.. I have red and I think they draw attention to me at night and makes me feel a bit safer/cooler all at once.

for about $2.50 I think everyone should get one..

oh and for your other $2.50 why not get the pin and sticker set and represent moped army... thats a 5 DOLLAR upgrade that makes since and looks good too!

Re: Wheel Lights

hey, those sound pretty rad... maybe ill pick some up...

im thinking of wiring the turnsignals on emily's ciao to be running lights (you need a battery for them to function as turnsignals, and the wiring is gone)... think that'll look pretty cool... and be a little safer


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