Gotta say, I love the site. Anarchist and bikes seem to go together. I found the site looking at moped law, damn but it not consistent state to state. I work for a company in oregon, we make an electric off-road bike. Top speed is 33 mph, gets there in about 4 seconds.

It isn't a moped (no pedals) but most state laws call it one. It is a bastard making compleatly new vehicles comply with old curmugony laws. I'll stop whining(it does no good anyway), yell if ya like our bikes. Hey, how does the man feel about top speeds over 30mph, it seems almost every state I've checked 30 is the limit for mopeds. When your bike is faster than that, do you have to comply with motorcycle regs? Seems if it LOOKS like a tiny bike no one cares. It sounds like at least some mopeds out there go better than 35mph. I'd love to hear that people get away with it. I've been stopped a couple times, the cops don't know quite what to do.




our address is www.denalicycles.com. The bikes are more off road, so most of ya likly dont care. It is something different.

RE: address

Sounds really interesting, most states have a 30 mph limit, you can get away with selling the bikes for "off road use only" how far can you go on a charge?

RE: address

and where are the pictures?... and how much does it cost?

RE: address

There are some pics on the site, I dont want to spam more than I already have. Range is 10 miles at 33 mph. Recharge time is 20 minutes, or 40 with the lower end charger. Price is $3900.00 or $5200.00, there are two different models.

We will be sticking to the off-road thing for awhile, finding taillights and head lights that run off 36 volt is no easy task.


RE: electric

Hey, count yourselves lucky if the US cops don't know anything about mopeds. Over here in Holland the cops are really hunting for speeding mopeds, they come after you on motorcycles and even have rollerbanks to measure the power output of the mopeds. I've got a 1974 Honda SS50, after my last "tune up" it goes 75 Km/h (47 Mph), the max. legal speed is 45 Km/h (30 Mph) so when they finally catch me I'm going to be in a lot of trouble.

RE: electric

Simon King /


Yeah, here in the states if it's small, you can get away with going fast. They don't ever check if it's upgraded to 70cc either. According to our most recent and still ongoing <a href="http://www.mopedarmy.com/index.php3?sub=poll&vote=yes">poll</a>; a good amount of moped riders are going over 30.


That's kinda pricey for a moped - but that sounds awesome if it goes 30mph in about 4sec, nice takeoff. On the topic of electric moped style vehicles, be sure to check out the one made for <a href="http://www.mopedarmy.com/photo_display.php3?samewindow=1&image=307&section=3">pizza hut uk</a> by honda.

RE: electric

Yeah, it is pricy. We use high-end downhill bicycle components, to get lots of wheel travel without weight. We are working on our second run of bikes now, what is strange is out of our first run we sold more of the $5k bikes than the $4k ones. People are funny like that. At some point I would love to build a 2 to 3 thousand dollar street bike. Gas power is tough to beat for price, range, and speed.

The sound of silence is sorta hard to convey......

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