HELP!! Not starting..

I brought a moped around a week ago, its a 1978 Puch Maxi Sport MKII. I knew it wouldnt start when i brought it, but it looked like the spark plug and cap were bad. (the cap was badly broken and the sparkplug was very old) I got a new spark plug, cap and wire from steve's moped. I cleaned out the carb, checked for fuel flow and it looked very good. All I needed was the spark plug. I installed the spark plug and nothing. It doesn't seem to kick over. Kinda like when yer starting a lawn mower and it does that vroom, vroom thing, but doesnt catch. I checked the spark plug for a spark and it has a pretty bright blue spark. I hope this is enough details. I'm wondering if it might be a compression problem. How do you check that?

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RE: HELP!! Not starting..

It probibly is a problem with compression. If you are getting a spark then at least your crankshaft is turning which rules out the clutch not ingaging. The only other thing I could immagine in a broken rod or pin. Take off the head and see if the piston is moving up and down. If it is moving then it's probibly time to replace the piston rings and cylinder. Hope I could be of some help.

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RE: HELP!! Not starting..

try squirting a little gas into the carb.... then try starting it.... if it fires and runs for a few seconds then dies then its a fuel problem...........remove the carb........ remove the floatbowl off the carb........... take out the brass jets and make sure you can see thru them.... also pull the gas line off the carb and turn on the gas to see if fuel is flowing to the carb.

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