Manual Transmission Moped

Hey anyone know of a manual transmission moped? ive been looking for one forever! and if no why dont they make then you could get more performance out of the engine

whats up with those crazy italians!!

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well first of all they did make manual tranny mopeds back in the 60's but todays laws require them to have an automatic transmition. now i would see maybe like a 4 speed auto tranny, i wonder if that is a good idea?

Re: Manual Transmission Moped

Say,Maynard!I was thinking the Yamaha FS-1 had pedals and 3 or 4 gears.Anyway,I was thinking they made an Indian(not made in India)moped that had gears also.

Re: Manual Transmission Moped

merlin311 /

honda c70s 50s 90s and passport all have 3 speeds

Re: Manual Transmission Moped

This qualifies as a moped in MI

Its a 50cc 4 speed manual

Its called a Jincheng Knight.

But.. technically... US DOT rules say a "moped" is supposed to have an automatic tranny.

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If I ever moved to Michigan,I could go for that,Fred!But I'd probably just run it 30mph anyway.That'd probably be about 3rd gear,wouldn't it,Fred? (:^)

Re: Manual Transmission Moped

My dad's 56 Everest (German built, Zundapp engine) has a two speed manual transmission with clutch. It's pretty cool. Hey, I need a Bing carburetor for it. Anyone have one lying around cheap?

Re: Manual Transmission Moped

Three Mopedeers /

Some russian mopeds have manual transmission.They have , neutral and 2.nd gear. I have Delta 24 ('88 I think). They have either hand gear lever or foot gear lever. Hand ones are not so good, because some of them will break but foot ones are good.

These old russian mopeds have lot of potential for a person, who wants to "tune" them illegal since low compression(I use 80 octane gasoline). You just have to make the compression bigger by grinding the cylinder head smaller and use some other octane gasoline (something like 95 or 98). I haven't changed anything since it may backfire to me.

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Re: Manual Transmission Moped

Yamaha FS1's, Suzuki A50P's and Kawasaki AE/AR50's are all manual mopeds with a manual clutch.

All FS1's are 4 speed, and suzuki A50P's are 5 speed.

In the UK, anything witha 50cc or lower engine is a moped, gears or no gears.

C50's etc have a semi automatic clutch and are known as 'crunchies' for a good reason.

Keep on riding!


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