Just ordered a pin and sticker!

Wow.. cool..

can't wait to get my swarm and destroy pin and sticker.. think it will look good next to that chromalusion chamileon paint job I just put on the ole Peugeot!

Re: Just ordered a pin and sticker!

Hey,Duck!Nice hearin' you again!You say you put a `chrome illusion' paint job on the Peugeot?Can you send us a pic,and maybe Simon will put it in the Photo section unless it's already there and I haven't seen it yet?Is that like the `mirage' paint that Steeltoad and Maddog were telling us about?Send a pic,Duck! (:^)

Re: Just ordered a pin and sticker!

If you want something in the photo section, don't post it in the forum. Use the "Submit a Photo" section - that sets it all up for me to easily insert into the forum.

and I'd love to see it - so be sure to submit it if you have a photo.


Re: Just ordered a pin and sticker!

Welp... I don't have a photo yet..

So far the peuget gets a new paint scheme every week..

tommorrow I am going to do half of it the light blue and keep most of the accents the chromalusion. It is purple to gold and has a neat effect but it is a little much for the moped..

I prefer my moped to look "happy" with brighter colors and the the dark purple to black to gold looks "mean" almost as if i was trying to make the moped beefy and tough like a hog... I think the mix between the two is going to look swell.

I will get some film for the poleroid and borrow my girlfreinds scanner tommorrow hopefully.

Re: Just ordered a pin and sticker!

Hey,Duck!My Sebrings look mean,so I think that will be just right for them!Now you got me droolin' again!

Re: Just ordered a pin and sticker!

keep in mind that you can also always upload your moped's photo in your profile for the moped owner's directory. i think everyone should!

Re: Just ordered a pin and sticker!

Hey, I`ve looked all over the site and haven`t found the pin and stickers yet.... any help? Doug D.

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