FMB Telaimotor??

Just bought a moped at a yard sale; in decent shape but not running.

I'd like to get it running ... however, I'm not even sure what make/model it is. The tag on the chassis says it was manufactured by FMB Telaimotor in Mar. 1977; I know Telaimotor is out of business and manufacured mopeds that were sold under other nameplates. The engine is a Motori Minarelli with the number S1 DGM9560-S stamped on the forward housing.

Any ideas?

Thanks ...


RE: FMB Telaimotor??

Simon King /

The only moped that I've ever heard of that FMB made was called the "Yankee Peddler". I think it's Italian.

The good news is that since it's a Minarelli engine it doesn't matter that it's an obscure brand moped. The Minarelli is used in lots of different mopeds and is easy to get parts for because of that.

How is it acting? Does it try to start at all?

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