Hole in Puch Tranny

As I was removing the one speed engine from my Maxi, I noticed a small hole that was intentionally made in the casting. it in on the top of the engine that would be inside the frame when put on the bike. Does anybody know what it is for? Should I plug it up?

Re: Hole in Puch Tranny

No,don't mess with it.It's probably a vent hole to allow expansion and contraction of the tranny fluid.If it's running good,leave it alone.My Franco-Morini engines have a vent hole also.(:^)

Re: Hole in Puch Tranny


That is a crankcase breather hole. If you plug it , it will build pressure inside the crankcase and blow all the seals! The only problem with the hole is...if you ride the bike upside down... transmission fluid will run out!!!

Re: Hole in Puch Tranny

Damn man! That is what I wanted to do! I really wanted to try the loop like on my old Hot Wheels track. But I suppose that if I lost enough inertia that the fluid ran out. nothing else in my life would matter much after that! Thanks for the responses and a good laugh!

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