Why they invented liquid cooling

Now I see why they invented liquid cooling systems on motorbikes.....

My bike's been running rather lean lately due to a broke muffler and colder weather, so I've got extra oil in my gas this season.

Today I started at 5:00am off to work on my Avanti moped.... rained last night and there was a fine mist in the air at 5 :00 am....ok, so my bike runs rather sluggish when it's wet outside....she never quite wanted to go to 35mph.

I had a wonderful ( akk) dentist appointment today after work, so I had to ped quickly ....

This afternoon a cold front moved in...temps dropped...air got dry,sun was out...

Man, even with my broke muffler this India moped never ran faster ! It was the first time I ever got 45mph on the flats coming home...boy, I was stoked, this moped was finally running like a champ...

Ok, I got about 13 miles towards home and there was a Goddam detour in the road.....in NJ when a crew puts out a detour sign, that's all you get... one detour sign...absolutely no other help, no other signs to get you out of the rat-trap and back on an alternative route.

So, I have to turn around, climb one big-ass hill...and make my way out to the highway ...there I had to illegally run about a half mile up another big ass hill on the shoulder of a 65mph highway.... halfway up the hill I hear the motor going into it's over-heating mode...crap... ok, so I throttle down to nothing and basically limped the rest of the way home....

I was having a perfect run until I hit that detour.... wow, the best speed I ever had on this thing...and then the dreaded over-heating monster comes along....shit...

I guess I'm just going to have to learn to just give her half-throttle or less on the hills,even if she only limps her way up....

seems to me that when the air is running pass the motor, she can keep up those fast speeds..but on the hills there must not be enough wind cooling the thing off and she begins to heat and bog down.... now I know why they put liquid cooling systems on bikes

For the hell of it, after my dental appointment I took some Folger's coffee cans and kind of made me some airscoops and wired them on the sides of my motor....don't know if they will work..looks kind of stupid...but, I'll give it a try, anything to keep the thing running cooler ought to help,yes ?

I'll try them out on the Wednesday trip to work...I'll let youse know how they work...wish me luck :)

Re: Why they invented liquid cooling

Hey,Jimmy! Just for safety concerning your motor why don't you run a tank of pre-mix Pennzoilo Marine synthetic at 40:1 and see if it cures your `ped.Also go to one lower heat range of spark plug.Make sure you ain't got a brake dragging or low tire also.You no-good scoot lover! LOL! (:^P

Re: Why they invented liquid cooling

Matt Wilson /

It might be a good idea to do a plug chop....it sounds like you could use a larger jet.


You need a bigger main jet

not liquid cooling

Air cooled 2 strokes are cooled to a large extent by the gasoline in the fuel mixture... less gas means leaner.. leaner means hotter.

First pull the head and take a look at the cylinder bore after pushing the piston all the way down... look at it with a good light... look for scuffing.

Then... just change out the main jet for one size larger.

Don-Ohio... be careful.. you said "change the plug to a lower heat range"... I don't really know what that means... a lower plug number for NGK means hotter.. I don't think thats what you meant.

You should say ... "go to one step cooler plug".

Point Taken,Fred....

Okay,Fred! But I've always described it as `heat range'and not by numbers.You're right on the better description.Point taken,but I'll probably forget and do it again you know.It's `Alsheimer's some of the times' as Ron puts it.

Re: Point Taken,Fred....

liquid cooling is thebest way to go but its not the cheapest alternative.

Re: You need a bigger main jet

Wow, thanks guys

that sounds like good advice, makes sense

This Avanti has a wierd brand Pacco carb on it..... I will have to ask around ,I guess, to find a place that has another size jet for it

I've had the carb off the bike before....is it hard to change the jet ?

The Bozo who set my bike up when I first bought it had a hotter plug in it, a size 6... I put a cooler size 7 in it and she ran alot better.... it might be worth trying to find a size 8 plug though at least to try...moped plugs are hard to find in my area

I only have trouble on the hills, so maybe a larger jet would help.....

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