Better or worst?

this may sound stupid but i was just wondering, my friend changed his base gasket in the summer from a thin one which leaked to a new one made from cork which is alot thicker and i was wondering if it would affect its power since the ports would be opening earlier in the stroke

thanks Del

P.S. it is a Batavus Bingo


Reeperette /

The Cork won't last, hasta be aluminum.

Thicker = Less Compression, Less power.

Running too thin may endanger moving parts, however.


Re: Better or worst?

Ree,did you catch that they were talkin' about the BASE gasket?I used regular composite material on my Franco-Morini (like car thermostat material)and it works good.

Re: Better or worse ?

A thicker BASE gasket means...

... a little LESS low end (because of a little less compression)

... but a little MORE top end (exhaust and transfer port timing duration is longer).

Most base gaskets are made of a cardboard type material.

(and a base gasket made from a 'cereal box'... say... will work OK in many cases... but I coat them with grease and let the grease soak in for a while).

I would think Cork is too soft and would squash too much.

Re: Better or worst?

Reeperette /

>>Ree,did you catch that they were talkin' about the BASE gasket?<<

D'oh...that advice bein meant for the HEAD gasket - my bad.


Re: Better or worse ?

If he was to leave the cork for more top end, but then shave the head down for more compresssion would it be just a goos as shaving head and replacing base gasket with cardboard?


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