AMF Roadmasters

Does anybody out there who owns a amf roadmaster possibly tell me if those peds are easy or hard to work on. ( if something needs to be fixed is it generally easy to fix or does it turn into a big head ache)

any info would help

Paul L


Doug D.! Doug D.! Calling the AMF guy,Doug D.!

Re: DOUG D.!

Hey.... they are alot simplier to work on than most peds, and I have worked on all brands, I have engine and bike manuels and about any part you need, except for throddle parts, and having some of them made by a friend in Utah... Let me know your needs.... Doug D. ------------ Thanks Don.......

Re: DOUG D.!

Yeah,Doug! Traffic's been slow on the forum lately.I guess people are just out doing something else.I was afraid you might not see his post and I know you've been into AMF's and know them well.(:^)

Re: DOUG D.!

Paul La Sorsa /

Thanks Doug

Re: DOUG D.!

If you run into problems give me a hollar, I do all repairs to them. Doug D

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