Notice of Defect -Tomos

I received a letter from the Canadian Distributor (not sure if there is more than one in Canada)

It says that according to the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Tomos has determined that a defect exists in all Tomos mopeds imported to Canada up to Jan 21 2002.

It further outlines the defects as follows.

Brake System - Tomos mopeds failed to stop within the required distance of 5 meters (actual minimum stop distance 5.9 Meters)

Required Procedure: Take to dealer to have the required parts replaced. May include brake pads, backing plates and cables

Day time running Lights - Head lamps on some tomos vehicles may not be continuously illuminating when the engine is operating or when the vehicle is in motion.

Required procedure. The lighting switch may be replaced or modified to have continuous running lights.

Labeling. I'm not getting into details but a bunch of safety labels are ended re: weight allowed etc.

Anyways, has anyone heard of this or is it just Strict rules and policies from the Canadian Gov't.

Re: Notice of Defect -Tomos

scooterman /

I have a 1999 Tomos Targa which I bought new. I have never received a letter from the distributer which I believe is M.F.C. Products or something like that. I bought my Targa in Ottawa. Where did you get your bike and who sent you this letter? Did you recieve the letter from the Ministry of Transport? Please e-mail me and let me know if you find out more. I have had problems with my headlight but it comes and goes. Will the distributer pay for the cost of these repairs? Like I said, get back to me.



Re: Notice of Defect -Tomos

Hey,Badur!Not that I would put it past the Can.Gov't to hassle you unnecessarily,but call 416-787-6228 and ask the pros,Toronto Mopeds.

Re: Notice of Defect -Tomos

OOPS! Drop the `s' in the www.torontomoped(s) and make it <>

Re: Notice of Defect -Tomos

Sorry I guess I should have been more clear.

I purchased my moped in Toronto in 2001 through a dealer of MFC (

I got mine from TorontoMopeds, which I have to say has been the most pleasant customer service experience I have ever had. They respond quickly an I love that they come to my place to service the ped and do any repairs, as this is my only mode of transport in the city...

Oh Right... Back to the point. The letter I received was from MFC and it basically outlines the issues and that you need to goto your local dealer and they will replace the parts needed.

Due to the fact that these are "defects" (at least in the eyes of the Canada Motor Vehicle Act) I am to assume that they will be fixed for free.

The letter states for more info contact M.F.C. Distributors Ltd. at 1-800-973-3334


Re: Notice of Defect -Tomos

Sorry I should have been more clear.

The letter I received was from the Distributor not the Gov't.

Actually TorontoMopeds is where I got my ped from.

Great place. I haven't had a chance to call them to schedule an appointment for the repairs.

I guess I was just wondering if anyone else had heard about these issues or if anyone is dealing with it.

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