brake cabel installation

I just recently purchased a brake cabel from steves moped and me and my father arent sure how to put it on well i have no clue but hes not sure could someone help me out with this i know that there is an adjuster end which end does this go on?

Re: brake cabel installation

You aren't going to get anywhere unless we know the year, make and model of you ped Andrew.

Re: brake cabel installation

yeah its a 1980 Sachs Columbia commuter it has the kind of brakes that are in the baring not the shoes I am guessing that the break cabels are universal because they didnt ask for a make or model when i called the place

Re: brake cabel installation

Has your rear brake ever worked? Is there a rear brake lever on the handle bars? Is it possible that you have a moped with a back pedal stop setup? Which is not cable operated...I don't think. Just curious?

Re: brake cabel installation

If you have a sachs that has the pedals attached to the engine case, you don't have a rear break cable. There should be, on the right side of the motor, a lever that is on the pedal shaft. Rotate that lever it untill it's pointing down, there is a rod that goes between the lever on the pedal shaft and the lever on the rear wheel that works the brakes. You pedal back, coaster brake style for the rear brake. You should be able to rig up something using threaded rod and a few bolts.

On some Sachs mopeds the lever on the handlebar works the decompression and starter clutch.

Re: brake cabel installation

Re: brake cabel installation

Hi Andrew

Chris is correct in that some Sachs have a rear brake like old convential bike, rear coaster brakes that you apply by pushing a bit backwards on the pedals. I have a Sachs Prima and it has such a set up. It only has one barke lever(front) and the other is the clutch lever.

However i looked up a picture of the Columbia Commuter and it looks like it has two levers on the handle bars. I'm not sure if these are both brakes. Try a test on your moped, with the rear wheel off the ground, try pushing back on the pedals like you were going to pedal bacwards and see if it stops, if it does you have rear wheel coaster brakes.

If it doesn't then your two levers are for front and rear brakes.

Generally brake cables have a barrel connector at each end that is perpendicular or at a right angle to the cable, or a barrel connector on one end (the rear brake connector) and a bead or button connector on the lever end. Each of these connectors should lock in to a fitting on the rear wheel and the lever. The rear brake connector should be pretty obvious of where the barrel connector hooks in. it also should have a nut and screw assembly used to tighten the brake cable for adjustment.

The lever end of the cable connects by removing a round sloted pin out of the lever handle. Thread the lever end of the cable into the handle with the end inside the lever. Reinsert the pin to lock the cable in place.

Use the screw mechanism on each of the cable to basically shorten the cable length inside the sheath, thus tightening the brakes. Screw the front lever adjusting mechanism out away from the lever to tighten and screw the rear brake adjustment towards the rear of the moped to tighten.

The simplest solution is to take the moped to your local bicycle shop and they can probably have it done while you watch in about 5 minutes.


Re: brake cabel installation

thats interesting to know because me and my dad were wondering what the little thing on the rite pedal was but i have that and the brake in the wheel so i dont know what to do but i think taht im going to go with the cabel

Re: brake cabel installation

All you have to do is attach the thing on the crank to the arm that comes off of the rear hub for the brake. When you pedal backwards, the lever will move forward, activating the brake. You have to attach the two.

Ditch the cable. You don't need it, that's why there isn't anything there to hook it up to.

There should be a rod that goes between them.

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