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my pc50 has not been registered since 1983...i had a ct90 that had to be registered and needed to be inspected by chp cause it had not been registered since 1980 and waas considered a motorcycle cause it had no pedals and multiple is my moped gonna need to be inspected to??and will i be good with jsut my class C licences on a moped oir do i need to go get a motorcycle permit again..also do i need to insure the moped??

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Matt Kile /

No insurance or M license necessary, no inspection either. Ask the DMV for the Motorized Bicycle paperwork, and make sure they know it's got pedals. It's going to cost you a huge one time fee of $6!

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sweet ass sweet i should be on the road by the end of the week...yeeeehaaaaa!!!! i even have my vintage sparkly blue helmet ready.

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Get Form 230 from the DMV. It is a 2 sided form. Fill out the side that only has one check box "Original Application for License" Get the VIN number, engine number and make of your bike. Fill in the presonal information and have one of your parents sign it. Write a check for $6 made payable to DMV. Make a copy of the check and application form and put it in your billfold. Mail the original form and check to Sacramento(the address is on the form).

Now if a cop stops you, show them the photocopy of your check and the application and you won't get your bike impounded. Believe me they will impound your bike if they catch you riding without a valid registration.

I would also recommend you get liability insurance. AIS is a broker listed in the Yellow pages that can probably get you insurance for about $80 per year.

Leaglly you are supposed to have a "M2" (motorized Bicycle license) but most cops don't know this and as long as you have a valid drivers license and are wearing a helment and driving sane and sensible they won't hassle you. Make sure all your lights work properly, headlight, tail and brake light.

Also invest in a good heavy cable lock or chain.

Good luck and Happy Trails.

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