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I just split the case on my one speed Maxi to replace one of the main bearings. The stuff between the two halves is a waxy sort of stuff. Will silicone work instead? Has anybody ever tried using silicone? What is that waxy stuff that they used at the factory? THANKS!

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Hey Joel, they probably make a gasket for it now, I had a old Suzuki 250 and the cases were sealed with that stuff, had to get it from the dealer, no gasket was avalable at that time, clean it super good, Doug D.

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Yeah, I think you just need a crank case gasket set man.

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Mike (MA) /

Hey Joel,

I split my Sachs transmission case and found out they they don't even use gaskets. I didn't like that idea, so I used some high-temp silicon (the orange/red tube) when I put it back together. It's been fine. Some of it squshes out into the transmission case, but it's pretty soft, maleable stuff and I doubt it'll cause any problems long-term. From Crisis and Doug's postings, it sounds like Puch makes gaskets for this. So my solution is a backup solution. Good luck.

-Mike (MA)

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Thanks for the suggestions. I could not find a gasket in the regular places. It would have taken more than one from the looks of the bolt pattern on the case. More like three. I used black silicone gasket maker. I'll let everyone no if it leaks. Later!

Re: Puch sealant

I know that it isn't any help now but the waxy stuff is probably waxol, some gaskets are made of it and if no replacement gasket is available you can buy rols of it and make your own gaskets. also if i remember correctly the single speed puch maxi had a single gasket between the two halfs of the case and yes it is still available. anyway, i know this isn't any help now, and also i know that it is a lot easier just to use sealant, i personaly recomend the blue gasket paste, can't remember the name but it is what i use and it has never let me down yet.

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