scooter death game

go to site, click on links and go down to "scooter death" ,wait for it to load and play, its a blast...Ree you especially should enjoy this......Don ohio if you see this.... go back a few weeks to my post " I went out on the snail today...." I wrote it I think when you were on a 4 day break........Rog


Reeperette /

That just rocks.

Oh man, 30 seconds of it an imma laffin too damn hard to play....I really, really hate those damn things, given that I considered em dangerous enough afore they started puttin engines on em.

And, of course, having been on the receivin end of the brick treatment more than once, kinda amusin to be on the other end of the brick, as it were.

The guy yappin on the cellphone bein, obviously...the primo target here, heheheh.

I wonder how the guy what cooked this up feels about that overhyped segway pieceOcrap, eh ?


Re: scooter death game

I tried Rog,but you know these Nuke plant computers;they blocked me with `Superscout' when I tried to click on it.BUMMER! Thanks anyways,you `snail herder'! (:^P

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