Yeah i have a moped and i was just wondering how i could get it to idol if i speeld it right its a 1980 sachs columbia commuter if anyone can help me plaese do so

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You should be a little more specific,Andrew.Do you know where the idle adjusting screw is and have you tried that?If that doesn't help it's probably a dirty carb or low on compression.Tell us more details.

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i dont know where the idle adjust screw is the bike runs just fine but i just want to get it to idle the carb is probably clean

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Okay,Andrew! If you have a Bing carb on a Sachs engine,we're probably set.If it's a solo engine I can't help you.Solos were made in Germany.I've got 2 exploded views of Bings here.One type slips on the intake pipe and clamps to it like a Dellorto does.The idle adj. screw on it goes straight in the side and has a spring around it's shaft.You would probably turn this clockwise to increase your idling speed.The other Bing doesn't slip onto an intake pipe but bolts flush to the block.It's idling adj. screw has a lock-nut on it instead of a spring.It also sticks out of the side of the carb body.So see if this helps.There's some good Bing guys on here,but I think they're all out playing,or like Ron,carrying a keg of grog to some wild party.LOL!

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