Wonder where................

.........Wayne and Ree are?They haven't posted for days,have they?Wayne's probably installin' a `killer stereo' or a bunch of air horns or something on his `ped.Ree's probably mounting a sawed-off shotgun turret or automatic` chain-flinger' on his.Ha!Well,anyway,we know where Ron is........he's stuck down in Texas drinkin' beer!Poor boy!(:^)

Re: Wonder where................

lol, stereo typing again don huh. got them down pat!!!!!!!!!

Re: Wonder where................

Yeah, I kinda picture Ree's ped as something out of the Mad Max Road Warrior flick. Lotsa armor and weaponry. maybe a wrist mounted crossbow. I really like the automatic chain flinger idea!

Re: Wonder where................

Yeah,Paul! Now the FA-50 post woke Ree up,but Wayner can't be bothered.......he's up to somethin' for sure.I'll bet we got some pics comin' our way,or more `death by moped' articles.(;^)

Re: Wonder where................

Yeah,Steve,I shouldn't `a planted THAT seed!He just MAY do it!Wouldn't want those poor mutilated moped harassers on my conscience.WHEW!! Yeah,his `ped and Wayne's probably weigh 300 lbs. apiece.LOL !!(:^0

Re: Wonder where................

haha... yeah!

i like the idea of the sawed-off shotgun turret... ree was telling me about a theft deterrent device involving fireworks, a model rocket engine ignitor, and removing the brake cables! that seriously rocks... i have been thinking more and more about the "alarm" systems he posted about a while ago... i found the link again and have been checking them out... hey ree! any suggestions? are these things hard to install??


Re: Wonder where................

Reeperette /

I've been around, Don.

Right now my 'ped is in Freds care, cause while I did manage the physical A5/A3 conversion process, the damn thing up and refused to start on me, and this in the middle of moving to a complex that's really, really, ultra-wacked about "nonfunctional vehicles", who'd flip their lids and threaten my lease if I dared try workin on it in their parkin lot.

Fred can prettymuch name his favor and/or price for saving my ped and my arse, and we get the time, imma drag him to a local chophouse or somethin and lay out dinner in gratitude not only for that, but for alla the help he's given on the forum.

Speakin o which, D'oh!, I dun lost his email addy...but I'll stick mine up there and hope he catches it. (administering dope-slap)

The 'ped situations gonna be problematical even when it is fixed, cause it's stock right now, I pulled alla the widgets off it cause of the problems they kept causing, mainly due to the fact that I got suckered with a bit of a lemon in that Targa.

It was the only moped for sale in town, and in midwinter, and I was kinda desperate....I really shoulda held out and bought an A3 but hindsights 20/20 I guess.

Anyhow, the main problem is that the "main drag" right outside my place, which is the only way you can get anywhere from here - has a speed limit of 50mph and insufficient margin for me to use that...I imma need to really push performance matters, and having shared finances, gotta work out justifying $300-$400 worth of investment into a set of wheels that seems to only wanna run one day outta the week...if that.

I might end up selling this one, and buying another one later - what I have been considering is trying to get my hands on a Helix, Silverwing (new version of the Helix), or a Riva/XC125, some kind of automatic-trans scooter that'll top 50mph, but the price issue's a bitch...$5k for a Helix, and about $3k for a Riva, and buyin used isn't really rational since I don't happen to have the stockpile of cash to just buy-n-go, not to mention trying to find someone to finance at less than 16.75% (which is plain robbery, imop).

What would be nice, is to eventually have both, cause in truth I am not overfond of scooters and I really dislike cars, but right now I gotta work with what I got.

Damn I miss my trike sometimes.


Crossbow, heh.

Reeperette /

I dun have a wrist-mounted, but I gotta one-handed pistol crossbow that'd put a #2 pencil inna moped theif's arse well enough...the pen IS mightier than the sword...when it's loaded in my 'hander.



Reeperette /

Well, I like the zapper....model Charge1K - it's enough to knock someone on thier ass quick enough, and really discourage someone from touching your wheels.

However, you might find yourself getting a load of it if you have a habit of forgetting you armed it.

As for installation, my jackwire job of it sucked, wayne is prolly a better resource for ideas on how to get voltage to it on a constant basis without luggin a small cycle battery around with ya.

As for home defense, the best one is a combination of heavy chain, and a motion-activated light pointed RIGHT AT the moped....only, take out one of the bulbs and put a "screamer" in there....tis a device that fits the lightbulb socket, only instead of lighting up it screams bloody murder, electronically.

This ensures no one gets NEAR your wheels without you and alla yer neighbors knowin about it, and by the time they get to cuttin the chain, if they're that damn persistant, you can be lining up on them with your lesson-teaching implement of choice.

FYI, I can be AIMed...for the moment, at name

"Lazhandra" - tho that does change every once in a while, the name...I figure if any of the jerks who'd like my head on a plate decide to pester me, I can just change it again.


Re: Wonder where................

Hey,Ree,I sympathize with ya'!Hey!You know what you should get so you don't look like your ridin' a snail?GET A DERBI GPR50! Those things will fly!And they're not nearly as expensive as an overgrown snail!Got six gears and 12,000 rpms to play with.And I'll bet Fred wouldn't mind helping you work on IT.So you live in snob'stown huh?That's why I'd like to get back out in the country,Ree.Heck,I used to walk into my back yard on my 17 acres and bust clay targets anytime I pleased.And the silence was wonderful out there at night.Hope you like it there,Ree,but it doesn't sound promising.Ignore that little suggestion about the `chain-slinger',OKAY?(:^)

Re: Crossbow, heh.

You got Ree down `pat' Steve.I can just see him pullin' down on a good fer nothin' thieving little ne'erdowell now! BOIIINNNGGG!!! LOL!!

Oh...*that* rigup...

Reeperette /

>>ree was telling me about a theft deterrent device involving fireworks, a model rocket engine ignitor, and removing the brake cables! that seriously rocks<<

Heh, You'll laff.

What it was, was that I hadda leave my ped out unchained that night, cause one of the jerkwad neighbors cut my chain in hopes that my ped would be stolen - they were sick of me daring to provoke the local wannabe street gang by not knuckling under to em like everybody else did...and I don't take too well to having crap thrown at me, nor attempts to steal my moped or set my house on fire.

So yon neighbor cut the chain and pushed my ped out into the alley behind the house (it was chained in the back yard) in hopes that the local punks would steal it...cops were unsupportive about it, since the punks were minors and the neighbor good at kissin ass, which I ain't, especially that of cops.

Anyhow, it being too late for me to go out and replace the chain, I leaned the ped against the fence, and set to work on making SURE no one made off with it.

Took a model rocket igniter and gator-clipped it into the ignition, right along the power-to-coil section, heh...so when you tried to start it, it'd set the igniter off.

Then twisted together the fuses of some bricks of leftover 4th of july toys, a whole brick of blackcats (which go bang), fizzies (which screech and spin, throwing sparks), and smokers (which produce smoke, duh)...twisted the main fuse of all three into one fuse, and then taped that damn igniter to it, and disconnected both brake cables for good measure.

Anyone tryin to swipe my ped that night was in for a hell of a ride, and they would NOT get very far, I tellya.

I will mention that some time later, I had done this rigup again, and had forgotten I'd done it, and then tried to take off...it IS one scary hell of a ride, but luckily all it cost me was a little pride and some shoe leather...lucky me.

Do NOT try this at home kids, at least, don't bitch at me if you do and it boomerangs on ya, or lands ya in legal hot water.


Re: Oh...*that* rigup...

Man,no wonder you moved!What'd you do when those fireworks went off,Ree?Did that handlebar quiver a little out of the straight?Did you remember about the brakes or find out the hard way? LOL!

Re: Suggestions.

awesome, thanks ree!

yeah, we have a motion light right in front of our garage... but its a 2 family house, so im worried if i install the "screamer", they will take to beating the hell out of me if too many dogs or whatnot find their way in front of it in the middle of the night... i AM going to look into the charge kit... i think that would be a great idea, especially as often as i just chain my ped to a light post and leave it for a while...

take care!


Re: Wonder where...

OK... I'll email you so you have my add.

I hope you weren't too hot on getting your Tomos back quickly... my garage is jammed... and I haven't been very motivated to even work on my own stuff... sorry.

I figured with winter here... maybe it wasn't an urgent deal.

As far as a new bike... sorry to say... but I don't believe there is such a thing as a modern reliable good performing moped.

This here is what I would get if I wanted something to rely on.

<IMG src="http://www.anythingatv.com/images/E-ton/beamfr.jpg";

Its is imported by E-Ton... and it is basically a Yamaha Zuma... they are the fastest, best performing of the latest generation of two-wheelers.

The motor is designed by Yamaha.. made for them by Sundiro.. (Korea ..I think?)

They have hydraulic disc brakes and telescopic hydraulically damped forks.

The brakes and suspension are equal to the motors performance.

Electric and/or kick start.

Good instruments and lighting/electrical system.

They are legal as mopeds in most or all states (legal in MI)... and all you have to do is unplug the rev-limiter and they do 45 (and they get there quick to).

A few aftermarket parts and they will do 60mph (and not blow up).

You can buy one brand new for $1600.

Or look for a used Zuma maybe.

The only things equal... are the Euro ones like Aprilia or Derbi or Italjet.. and they are nearly $1000 more.

Oh carp... here it is.


Reeperette /

Quite nice...given the price.

(You have mail, btw...no rush on the Tomos.)

I was mostly lookin at 124cc or 244cc motors, although I've had some fantasies about importing that damn Galeira<sp>? 180cc scooter that puts out 21hp and does 80-90mph outta the box.....be pretty damn funny to watch a cage pushers expression as I blow his damn doors off on something most of em consider a toy.

Imagine that bastard with aftermarket perfomance mods ? insane - just the way I likes it.

Anyhow, I've currently got two possibles on my scope, one being a beatup dodge caravan, reconditioned, sitting on a dealers lot for $295 - he really wants rid of it, since the high used-auto turnover rate makes that piece of junk near unsellable, especially with 0% financin on a lotta new cars.

So he wants rid of it, even tho it runs well and solid, and me, I am considering getting it, then ripping out the seats and putting a moped rack back there.

The other's a salvage-condition honda spree, it was layin in a garage a friend cleaned out, and if they still got it, I could prolly just go pick it up....from lookin at it the first time, cleanin the fuel system and putting a battery in it should make it run, and once the tires are replaced (dry-rot, ugh) it'll do for the nonce.


Re: Nice.

Ree, don't get a caravan! They have mitsubishi engines in them that are notorious for wearing out and burning tons of oil. Although, you're probably used to premixing, aren't you? :)

Re: Nice.

Also,Ree,put the Dodge tranny thru the paces,`cause that's a big troublemaker when they get high miles(moneywise).Had a friend with an old Caravan,and the casing wore where the axles enter the tranny,and he could do nothing but a tranny replacement.My 2 cents! (:^)

Re: Nice.

Here is an interesting article on the Zuma:


Sounds like a scoot w/ a lot of potential.

Caravan, ugh.

Reeperette /

Oh I know alla about it....the engines gonna burn oil like mad prolly 30-90 days after I roll it off the lot, the transmissions gonna dog so bad the computers gonna pop it into "limp mode" (as in limp it home) and the fuel pump's prolly gonna go poofty not long after that, as well as some piece of the rear axle assembly.

As fer that, I'll just chuck a case of oil in the back, hotwire the friggin EPROM by shorting the leads (which resets it to default) and have a spare fuel pump sittin right next to the case of oil....I know folks who've owned them things before - whaddaya expect fer three hundred bucks, eh ?

One advantage I do have tho...and I made some money offa caravan owners with this one.

Being a small, flexible person, and with the leg detatched, I can sit on top of the engine block and get to those back three spark plugs and change em out with an ordinary ratchet, instead of having to go through all the rigamarole other folks do....some guy's got a funny picture of it, too, his son pulled the hood down and he snapped a pic where it looks like the damn van was eatin me, heh.


Re: Caravan, ugh.

HaHa!That's pretty good,Ree!So YOU can get in there.I just may bring my Aerostar up then.It's over due for all that and I been dreadin' it.But I ain't taking it to the rip-off auto mechanics unless I have to.Know what I mean?Well,Ree,you'll be pullin' into the `full service' bay and sayin'`Fill `er up with oil,and check the gas!' LOL!!

Re: Nice.

The price on the Zumas have come down this year ,listing for like $ 1699, yet they are bigger and faster then before, and now you can store a helmet under the seat....there are some great scooters out there now, like the Kymcos, I love them...but there's no dealerships in my area....the nice thing about the Zuma is that there are Yamaha dealerships all over the place and you can get proper service done to them without having to drive to another state to find a dealership....

I hope that in the years to come Kymco will find alot more places and dealerships to do buisness out of, if one ever comes in my area that's what I'll be buying :) For now, the Zuma is the closest dealership to me and that's what I'm checking out too.

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