who needs pedals?


When you got rockets for legs,,Hey Fred this should work like you said.. anybody else remember Astroboy from the 60's???

Site inaccessable

Hey RogNc, let us in on your secret site. I get this message

"Access forbidden from external hosts" and can't get in.

Re: Site inaccessable

yeah, me too...

by the way, I need pedals.. =]


RE: Pedals......

Contaminated Hyena /

Is it stoopid to swap out the stock pedals with BMX or other bike pedals? Seems like they would be alot more prone to catching things, but as a bike racer, I have lots of cool pedals

that should thread on...... Iron Crosses, etc.

Re: who needs pedals?

Sorry ya'll, I must have had to join a room to get the pic. I t works when I do it..told ya I was new at this stuff...well you can look up astroboy and find it on search

RE: Pedals......

Iron cross pedals? you mean that they're shaped like maltese crosses? That would rock ass! There's nothing wrong with a little iron cross decor, it works on anything...


RE: Astro Boy

Yep. He was one of the original pioneers of what they now call "anime". Cartoons from Japan that didn't have the animated sophistiction of Hanna Barbera, Disney, Harvey Toons.

No Rog, how about Gigantor?


RE: Pedals......

that rocks, dood.. you should get it for the newport!

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