Question to all

I have a question for yous. A few, actually. First being, the 70cc kit located on the website, is it the same 70cc kit that causes all the problems? Also, going a while back there was talk of a new 70cc kit that would use the normal biturbo, and wouldn't cause all the problems. Has this kit been released yet? If so where could I find it? And last but not least, how hard are these things to install? Do they like come with directions or something, lol? I don't really know much about engines, but I'm pretty good with taking things apart and putting them back together...Do you think it would be possible for me to install one of these kits?

Thanks in advance...

To everyone who reads and/or replys. I appreciate the help.

Re: Thanks in advance...

dude, the kits are easy as hell to install. you can definately do it. not sure about the quality though.

Re: Question to all

What you got,Kold?A puch or Tomos or Vespa?

I've got a tomos

Targa LX

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