Batavus HS-50 ...strengths / weaknesses?

Matthew F. Guilbault /

Looking at a Batavus HS-50 this weekend. Wondering if anyone has any comments about this particular bike. Owner says it starts fine but dosen't have any power (carb jets clogged). Any feedback appreciated.

Re: Batavus HS-50 ...strengths / weaknesses?

could be that, or the air box could be off and it is getting too much air to and is bogging badly. could be something else.

Re: Batavus HS-50 ...strengths / weaknesses?

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I've run across Bats. that have had no power and in fact this is common with Bats. Sometimes it's something simple like you describe and cleaning the exhaust and carb. does the trick, other times it's worn out rings or a scored cylinder and piston. Just because an engine runs it doesn't mean that you can role out a major over haul. Age and time are against you and since 2 cycle engines require the mixing of oil with the fuel it very easy to find an abused engine. Since you don't know the history of this moped your odds are less then 50% that it doesn't have any major problems. If the power problem is as simple as a clogged jet wouldn't you think that the current owner would have cleaned it and tried to make it run better to get a higher price for it? When buying this moped make sure you pay a fare price for what it is now and not what you think it can be after you work on it. Good luck.


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Re: Batavus HS-50 ...strengths / weaknesses?

Clutch? Starts but no power. Batavus does not have a real robust clucth. Thye came from Holland where it is pretty flat and Ducth engineers rarely had to consider hills.

If it is a clucth problem, it is not hard to fix and you can get parts at the mopedJunkyard. Go to this link and scroll down and you will see an exploded view of the clutch.

Re: Batavus HS-50 ...strengths / weaknesses?

i've had a batavus hs-50 for about two years and i've had a few problems with power, but it was usually with the carb or the air one point, i was able to get full power in acceleration with the air filter off, but at top speed the engine would bog...whenever the air filter was on i was getting about 15mph at top speed and no power at all...I don't remeber what i did, but i think I just cleaned out the carb and replaced the air filter and it ran fine...but you should ask this guy if he has tried cleaning out the carb...I've done some modifications with the piston that gave me about 2-3 mph more...i'm also replacing part of the muffler for a few more mph with a larger overall, i've had very few problems with it besides the usual dirty carb now and again...if you do decide to get it and need any help, let me know...


Re: Batavus HS-50 ...strengths / weaknesses?

Matthew F. Guilbault /

What modifications did you do? I got it running at about 15mph on the flats but little power up hill.


Re: Batavus HS-50 ...strengths / weaknesses?

Try shortening your throttle cable by adjusting at the throttle handle end and also the carb end.

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try taking off the air filter and see if you get anymore speed or acceleration...Beware: taking off the air filter means that dirt and small objects can get into the carb and maybe into the engine. Riding for too long with the air filter off could cause major damage. Just ride around with it off for as long as it takes to find out if there is any difference in acceleration and speed. If you get more power, try cleaning out the carb and fuel petcock and then replace the filter and try it again. Make sure the choke cable isn't sticking after you start it also. check for rust in the gas tank too; that could be running down the gas line and clogging the carb...the problem that i usually had was with the plastic or rubber parts inside the petcock--they wore down and broke up from such wear that small pieces went down the gas line and clogged the carb...

The only real big modification i've done is with the piston...i shaved part of it off and it gave me a couple mph...there's a specific way to do it and it's been a while since i did it...the parts man at akron moped told me how to do it...he's a great guy...maybe you should ask him...i think their website is at

I am in the process of switching the exhaust intake from the engine to a larger one, which will also get me a couple extra mph hopefully...there are no biturbo exhausts for batavus mopeds, so what you see is pretty much what you can also get a larger carb, but those are really difficult to get your hands on...the HS-50 carb is usually the S-8; i think the larger one is the s-22 or s-25, something like that...anyway, i started at around 25-26 mph and am now at 27-28.

good luck...ryan

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