my tomos got stolen!

hi guys, im sorry to say that my 2000 tomos sprint was stolen yesterday night. i just installed a 70cc kit on it and it was running cherry, i woke up and the cain was cut and the back wheel laying on ground still locked up. so i dont have a moped. if you are interested my moped is in the tomos pics so if you see it crusin around with a 70cc engine, tell me!

Re: my tomos got stolen!

where are you located? go to the members directory, and search your are for people around there, and email them to let them know what is up. moped riders are usually more observant about mopeds than non riders. also, get your friends around, and drive around the neighborhood. or just walk around. If it is missing a wheel, they might get sick of dragging it, and ditch it somewhere. goodluck.


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Re: my tomos got stolen!

my neighbor said they heard a car leave from my house they said it was a toyota pick up so....

Re: my tomos got stolen!

Makes me glad that my moped is kept in a locked garage! Sorry for your loss oli. If you find the culprit, kick their ass. :) Peace out.


Re: my tomos got stolen!

Where are your from? If your close, I'll persoannly hunt down the bastards for you and kindly remove the moped, along with their heads, for safe return to you...

Ever see Braveheart?


Re: my tomos got stolen!

Sorry to hear that happened, Oli

gutless bastards

at least with the scarcity of mopeds these days you ought to be able to put the word out and it should get spotted one day...good luck

Hope you got some insurance on it, yes ?

In NJ I was able to get liability,theft,and collision insurance on my moped for about $105

They said if I wanted just liability that it would cost me $ 78

so I just paid the little bit extra for the whole shebang

The way my Avanti moped's been breaking parts on me I kinda wish someone would steal it LOL

Re: my tomos got stolen!

Make sure you give the local cops the V.I.N.number,and tell the State Patrol also.Sorry,Man! (:^(

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