Is it possible?

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Is it possible to install a starter on a moped like is found on a lawn mower?

Re: Is it possible?

like a pull chord?

Re: Is it possible?

I'm thinking you probably mean like an electric start...pushbutton or key operated? It would require a battery and some type of starter that would disengage when the engine started. I sure don't know enough about it to say but surely there would be something available or easy enough to retrofit.

Re: Is it possible?

You may be able to adapt one from a scooter, but you'd have a lot of fabricating to do.

I'm just wondering why nobody has done a do it yourself turn signal kit for mopeds. isn't it just a switch, battery, flasher, and lights? It shouldn't be too hard, right?

Re: Is it possible?

I mean a pull chord starter.

Try a motorcycle store for a turn signal kit.


Reeperette /


I have seen it done on an old Tomos Bullet.

An older fellow I knew didn't have the leg strength and speed to kickstart it, due to arthritis, and his son somehow mounted the recoil-cord starter from a lawnmower, I believe.

Couldn't tell ya how they did it, right offhand, since I didn't get to watch him rig that, but yes - it is possible, and according to the son, not even all that difficult, at least on a Tomos.


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