'77 batavus starflight

does anyone know how to determine whether the starflight is a 20, 25, or 30 mph model?

also, is there a big preference to the top tank model of the front tank?

i am looking at buying one from someone this weekend and am trying to do my fact finding.


Re: '77 batavus starflight

Miniengine /

The easiest way is to count the number of teeth on the pulley sprocket at the pedal crank. Eleven teeth equal 20 MPH, 12 teeth equal 25 MPH, and 13 teeth equal 30 MPH.


Lamborn's Miniature Engines


Re: '77 batavus starflight

great, thanks Brian!

Re: '77 batavus starflight

You planned on giving it a test run before you bought it, right? It should be pretty easy to figure it out, once you take it for a test spin.

Re: '77 batavus starflight

Hey,Matt! I've got one of those in a step-thru design.Pretty bike but I haven't licensed it yet.I love that big cushy seat for 2 people.I haven't counted the teeth yet.Let us know how yours performs.

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